11 ChatGPT Prompts to Elevate Your Localization Career

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Navigating the career landscape in the localization industry requires not just expertise in language and culture, but also a keen sense of personal branding. Your resume, cover letter, and interview demeanor are the trifecta that can propel your career forward.

To help you excel, we’ve compiled 11 powerful GPT-generated prompts designed to refine your job application materials and prepare you for the all-important interview. Whether you’re crafting a new resume, tailoring an existing one to your dream job, penning a persuasive cover letter, or gearing up for an interview, these prompts will guide you towards presenting your most compelling professional self.

New resume

					Write a resume based on this [job title] position at [company]. Include bullet point achievements that show impact and metrics and incorporate the most important keywords from the job description in those achievements.

Here’s the job description:
[paste job description]
					I’m a recent graduate who attended [university name], earned a degree in [subject], and interned at [company]. I’m applying for an entry-level [job title] role. Here’s the job description: [paste job description].

Using all of the information I’ve provided, please write a one-page resume that emphasizes accomplishments and metrics.
					I’ve spent the last [x] years working as a [job title] and now I’m interested in pivoting to [job title or industry]. I’ve got a lot of transferable skills such as [skill #1, skill #2, skill #3] and I recently completed a [professional course or certification]. Please use this information and the following job description I will supply and write a one-page resume.

Here’s the job description:
[paste job description]

Update resume

					I'm going to provide you with a job description for a job I'm interested to apply for. You're going to read the job description and understand the key requirements for the position – including years of experience, skills, position name. After that I'm going to give you my resume. You'll go over it and provide feedback based on how tailored my resume is for the job. Do you understand?
					Please proofread my resume and suggest any improvements to grammar, spelling, or language usage. I want to make sure it's error-free and professionally written.
					Please optimize my resume for ATS:
[paste resume]
					I want you to act as a resume reviewer. I will provide you with my resume, and you look provide me with feedback on it. Include feedback on the following points:
- What appropriate sections to add for making my resume more readable.
- How to make my resume easier to scan.
- What kind of numbers and results can I add to my resume.
- What type of action verbs should I choose.
- Am I using too many buzzwords and how to replace them, if so.

Do you acknowledge?

Cover letter

					Draft a persuasive cover letter in 150 words or less highlighting my qualifications and enthusiasm for the [job title] role at [company] using my resume achievements below:

[paste resume]
					I want you to act as a cover letter writer. I will provide you with my resume, and you will generate a cover letter to complement it. I want the cover letter to have a formal, professional tone, as I will be applying to a corporation. Do you acknowledge?


My preferred job will be at [company] as a [job title]. Here's a job description: [paste job description]

And here is my resume: [paste resume]


					You’re the interviewer for this role: [job description]. Can you come up with 5 interview questions based on this job description?
					I'm interviewing for a [job title] role. Help me prepare for an interview by providing me with 5 most popular interview questions. Then, I'd provide you with my answers. Rate my responses to your questions on a scale from 1-5 with 1 being very poor, and 5 being perfect. Provide an explanation for each rating. If the rating is less than 5, include suggestions for how to improve each answer.