Localization Academy

3 Days Left: German Translator and Interpreter


We are seeking a highly skilled language expert IMMEDIIATE JOINERS ONLY (with a strong proficiency in both spoken and written Chinese Traditional. This role is crucial for translating content from English to Chinese Traditional, providing live interpretation services, and coordinating training programs offered by our company to Microsoft partners and customers, specifically catering to our Chinese Traditional-speaking clientele. The ideal candidate will have a solid background in translation, interpretation, and content localization within the IT industry. Fluency in Chinese Traditional, with a deep understanding of Chinese Traditional business culture and practices, is essential. FLUENCY IN ENGLISH is a MUST HAVE..

Primary Responsibilities

  • Translation: Translate training videos, PowerPoint presentations, documents, and other content from English to Chinese Traditional with precision, ensuring accuracy, clarity, and cultural alignment.2. Live Interpretation: Provide live interpretation services during technical evaluation calls, meetings, and training sessions in English and Chinese Traditional, ensuring effective communication between participants.3. Liaison: Effectively communicate with Chinese Traditional clients and vendors, ensuring clear understanding of their language and translation needs.4. Localization: Adapt training materials to align with Chinese Traditional business practices, ensuring relevance and cultural sensitivity.5. Content Creation: Create Chinese Traditional language captions for training videos and other multimedia content.6. Quality Assurance: Maintain high-quality standards for all translated content and interpretations, ensuring adherence to Chinese Traditional language conventions.

Candidate Profile

  • Translation and Interpretation Expertise: Proven experience in translation and live interpretation, with a focus on translating from English to Chinese Traditional and vice versa.2. Language Proficiency: Native or near-native fluency in Chinese Traditional (spoken and written) and English is essential.3. Technical Skills: Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Excel, Word).4. Communication Skills: Exceptional communication skills in both English and Chinese Traditional, capable of articulating complex concepts effectively.5. Attention to Detail: Strong attention to detail, ensuring precise and accurate translations and interpretations.6. Flexibility: Availability to start on short notice and flexibility to work in a 24×7 environment, aligning with Chinese Traditional business hours as needed.