Localization Academy

AI Program Manager

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Join our team at e2f, where we bridge the gap between humans and machines through the art of communication in any language, content, or culture. Our core lies in data science and agile translation across 200+ languages, providing the linguistic datasets essential for AI and NLP technologies to understand human nuances. Our clientele spans the globe’s leading AI deployments, reflecting our commitment to excellence.


We are on the lookout for an adaptable and forward-thinking Program Manager to steer our diverse projects to success. This role is tailor-made for leaders who excel in navigating the complexities of Localization, AI, and Data Services, driven by a curiosity for AI advancements and a flexibility to meet evolving business demands. Your mission will be to ensure our projects not only meet but exceed our high standards and client expectations through strategic planning, exceptional quality, and timely delivery.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Dynamic Program Leadership: Spearhead multifaceted programs, focusing on Localization, AI, and Data Services, championing excellence from inception to delivery.
  • Strategic Client Relations: Build lasting partnerships, understanding client needs, and ensuring transparent communication of program progress.
  • Collaborative Teamwork: Unite with linguists, engineers, and project managers, promoting a harmonious environment to achieve shared goals.
  • Rigorous Quality Oversight: Uphold our promise of quality, implementing checks and balances to maintain our standard of excellence.
  • Proactive Risk Management: Anticipate challenges, crafting strategies to mitigate risks and ensure smooth program execution.
  • Innovative Improvement: Embrace change, continually seeking ways to enhance our processes and boost program efficiency.
  • Insightful Reporting: Keep stakeholders informed with detailed reports and updates, showcasing our achievements and identifying areas for growth.

What We’re Looking For:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in business, management, or related fields.
  • Over 5 years of experience in managing projects or programs, preferably within Data Collection, Annotation, and Content Translation sectors.
  • A solid grasp of project management principles and a knack for organization.
  • Stellar communication skills, fostering effective collaboration and client relations.
  • An analytical mind capable of solving problems and making impactful decisions.
  • A proactive, detail-oriented approach, with an eagerness to drive quality outcomes.

Why e2f?

This is more than a job; it’s a chance to make a significant impact in the AI and localization industry, working on projects at the forefront of technological innovation. If you’re motivated by leadership and have a keen interest in AI projects, coupled with the agility to adapt to our dynamic business needs, we’d love to hear from you. Discover more about our mission and how you can contribute at www.e2f.com .