Localization Academy

Batak Angkola Transcriber

Please note: the project associated with this job ad has not yet been confirmed. Candidates who submit an application will be added to our database and will be contacted if a project matching their qualifications is confirmed.

Location: Remote

Status: Project Based (Contract)

Compensation: TBD. Per audio minute transcribed. USD.

Benefits: Flexible schedule, work from home

About The Company

Productive Playhouse Inc. (PPH) is a global data company. From our start, forward thinking in language acquisition and carefully observed cultural experience have defined the Productive Playhouse mission and driven our teams.

Our growth into a full-service data company began in 2011 and has expanded rapidly over the last decade. PPH currently offers our clients a wide range of data services including transcription, translation, linguistic analysis, rating, systems testing, localization, field and studio recording, language skill verification, and sensitive and diversity-focused data handling, with additional services being added continuously.

Job Summary

The current transcription project involves research for talk-to-text technology and transcribing audio in our online database. The task will be to listen to audio files, and type (transcribe) what you hear. Some labeling of segments is required. The transcription must be completed according to a set of guidelines that you will be provided upon acceptance.

Transcribers will be assigned tasks of varying sizes (minutes) and paid per minute of audio transcribed. The workload is dependent on project needs.


  • Transcribe all assigned audio files
  • Follow project guidelines
  • Meet project deadlines
  • Make consistent progress on assigned audio files
  • Communicate with project managers in a timely and effective manner
  • Communicate in English with project managers via email (verbal communication is not required)


  • Typing
  • Computer/ Internet skills
  • Web search skills
  • A good command of English is preferred
  • Responsiveness to email
  • Ability to meet deadlines


  • Native-level (C2) proficiency in the required language Batak Angkola, including the ability to read and write. If you do not possess these characteristics, but wish to be considered for other roles, please submit your inquiry via our
  • Solid grammar/ orthography and punctuation. You will be required to take a test
  • High-speed internet access
  • Access to e-mail

Please note, the pay rate are in US dollars and payment will be made in US dollars. The amount in local currency will vary according to exchange rates.

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