Localization Academy

Chinese Translator

Consecutive Interpretation is required in this role with the interpreter in close proximity to the speaker converting one language to another. Everything that is said must be interpreted in the manner said with nothing left out and nothing added.


• Translate written documents from Mandarin to English and vice versa accurately and efficiently.

• Interpret verbal conversations and meetings between Mandarin and Urdu.

• Conduct research and stay updated on industry-specific terminology to provide accurate translations.

• Assist in the localization of products and services for the Mandarin-speaking market.

• Provide language support and assistance to Mandarin-speaking employees or clients.

• Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure effective communication and understanding between Mandarin and Urdu speakers.


  • The successful applicant must have a minimum of one year’s professional experience, references required to verify professional experience

SALARY: Competitive Monthly Salary