Localization Academy

Digital Media Technician

Job ID: 188604

Required Travel : Minimal

Managerial – No

Location: India- Pune (Amdocs Site)

In one sentence

Vubiquity is seeking resourceful media content localization specialists with excellent English language skills, a passion for movies and television shows, and a keen eye (and ear) for detail. The role will entail QCing and/or accurately transcribing and timing closed captions, SDH, subtitle translation templates, as-broadcast scripts, dialogue lists, and other English-language materials to enable content localization and accessibility processes. This is a great opportunity to become an integral part of a growing team and to collaborate with a supportive team of industry experts.

All you need is…


  • Transcription and timing of English-language media content to create closed captions, SDH, subtitle translation templates, as-broadcast scripts, dialogue lists, and related materials
  • Annotation of English key phrases, idioms, slang, etc., to explicate the intended meaning or effect of difficult dialogue and assist translators in successfully conveying the meaning effectively
  • QC and proofread transcripts in various forms to ensure that spoken dialogue is accurately reflected and written without errors in spelling, grammar, or punctuation
  • Produce reference materials for global localization contributors, including inserts/localization lists, creative letters/dubbing bibles/show guides, synopses, character lists, KNPs/consistency sheets, and more
  • Develop expertise in various clients’ and platforms’ requirements and style guides
  • Coordinate with local and global team members to align on priorities and provide mutual support to ensure consistency and quality of English captions, subtitles, scripts, etc.
  • Contribute to department initiatives to advance goals in diversity, equity, and inclusion, including discussing linguistic and cultural differences in different regions


  • Diploma or Degree in English, Linguistics, Film & TV, Broadcast or equivalent work experience required; a credential or degree in Audiovisual Translation or equivalent work experience is a plus
  • Experience working with timeline-based software is required; subtitling or captioning tools, such as Ooona, EZTitles, MacCaptions/CaptionMaker, Swift, or similar platforms or tools is highly desirable
  • Native or native-level English-language written, spoken, and listening skills, including an ability to understand unclear dialogue and English spoken with a variety of accents; knowledge of other languages and/or translation is a plus
  • Advanced knowledge of regional differences in written and spoken English, including US English usage, vocabulary, and spelling
  • Excellent research skills
  • Eagerness to learn and adapt to ongoing changes in audiovisual technologies is required; technical knowledge of audio, video, and timed text elements is a plus
  • Experience with or knowledge of audio description is a plus
  • Strong independent problem solving and troubleshooting skills
  • Experience with collaborative project management and ticketing tools (e.g., Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint, Smartsheet, ZenDesk)
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite
  • Commitment to confidentiality and security

What will your job look like?

  • You will transcribe and time dialogue and other elements in English-language movies and television shows
  • You will be responsible for creating closed captions, SDH, subtitle translation templates, as-broadcast scripts, dialogue lists, and related materials
  • You will collaborate and coordinate with other team members as an integral contributor in the production of high-quality captions, subtitles, dubs, and audio description on time and on budget
  • You will perform technical tasks on timed text assets in English and other languages, including quality control, technical checks, and conformance, to ensure proper sync and formatting
  • You will develop broad expertise in the main areas of media content localization and accessibility
  • You will contribute to documenting guidelines and processes, including providing input on software development needs to improve efficiency and quality
  • You will participate in brainstorming sessions and discussions to improve processes, maintain top quality, and advance diversity, equity, and inclusion objectives

Why You Will Love This Job

  • You will expand your expertise in media content localization and accessibility
  • You will work with a wide variety of movies and television shows
  • You will be an integral part of a diverse, global team, and contribute significantly to its success and growth
  • You will work with a supportive team of industry experts
  • You will have opportunities for specialization and career development

Who are we?

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