Localization Academy

English to Simplified Chinese Game Testers (LQA/Freelance)

⚠️ This job was posted more than 2 weeks ago and may no longer be active

Lan-bridge Metagame is home to a pack of passionate gamers and talented linguists from all parts of the planet. We focus intently on quality and content to proudly provide top-notch localization services for your games. Our mission is to present unparalleled gaming experiences to our like-minded players and build bridges of understanding between different cultures and souls.

On top of Localization QA, Lan-bridge Metagame offers 4 other service lines: Audio Services, Functionality QA, Localization and Player Support.


· Your main goal as LQA Tester is to proofread texts and video game content.

· You will also check text for consistency and recommend changes when necessary.

· You will ensure subtitles match audio tracks.

· When you find that something is wrong, you will write error reports and bugs using designated software.


Your choice of words will directly influence the extent of players’ immersion in the virtual world and that can be a fascinating challenge. However, it requires some skills, especially:

. Having Game Testing experience (English to Simplified Chinese)

· Highly communicative in English.

. Have enough free time to accept the translations as required, to deliver the translations 

within the deadline, and to be available for future revisions, if needed. 

. Applicants available to longterm cooperation, who have GameTesting experience and success cases will be given priority. 


· Possibility to grow within the gaming industry – most of our senior staff started as testers.

· Work on interesting projects – we work with games that others haven’t heard of yet!

· Chill-out zone with video games – challenge your friends and resolve your disputes over your favorite video game!

Please remember to send your CV in English to zhaonan@lan-bridge.com

We look forward to meeting you!