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Company Description

SEAtongue is a leader in the localization and translation industry, with a focus on Southeast Asian, CJK, Indian, and Middle Eastern languages. The company has in-house teams of native linguists who offer high-quality services at competitive prices in various industries, including IT, Telecom, Consumer Electronics, Military, Automotive, Energy, Healthcare, and Education. SEAtongue has worked with multinational clients such as Microsoft, BMW, Dell, Expedia, Google, HP, IBM, Hitachi, Samsung, Renault, Intel, and Toshiba. The company has offices in Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, South Korea, and the Philippines.

Role Description

This is a full-time on-site role for English<>Dutch Interpreters located in USA. The Interpreter will be responsible for interpreting French>English language in a professional, accurate, and culturally appropriate manner. The Interpreter will work in various settings, such as medical appointments, legal proceedings, social services, business meetings, and conferences. The Interpreter will also maintain confidentiality, impartiality, and ethical standards.


  • Fluent in French and English languages
  • Excellent listening, speaking, and writing skills in both languages
  • Knowledge of the cultures, social customs, and current events related to the languages and regions
  • Ability to remain calm, focused, and professional in stressful situations
  • Experience in interpretation and translation is preferred
  • Bachelor’s degree in French, English, Linguistics, Translation, Interpreting, or related field is preferred
  • Professional certification, such as CCHI or NBCMI, is a plus

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