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German marketing translator / cycling (road, gravel, MTB)

⚠️ This job was posted more than 2 weeks ago and may no longer be active

🚴🏻‍♀️ At The Action Sports Translator we are looking for freelance English to German marketing and technical translators, transcreators, editors and proofreaders who have a huge passion for all things cycling – from road and gravel to mountain biking and everything in between. 🇩🇪

[*If you’re into all of these disciplines, great! But we’re also happy to work with profiles who are into one or more disciplines.]

Sounds a lot like you? Then keep reading!

To apply and be considered for this position, you need to match all of these requirements:

→ You’re a qualified translation professional, holding a master’s degree or equivalent/formal translation training

→ You have a proven track record at working on translation/transcreation projects for marketing purposes (major bonus points if you also have some training in copywriting, too)

→ You love being out on the saddle 🚵🏻‍♀️ and have a big passion for at least one or more cycling disciplines. You are familiar with the local terminology, slang and culture of these sports in your own market, because you practice them in your spare time.

→ You’re professional, dependable, and take your work seriously. You take ownership of the projects you work on, and pride yourself in the results you deliver.

If this is you, please drop your details here:

📩 https://forms.clickup.com/2698408/f/2jb58-29992/LOS04TI74248X5CNA4

✍🏻 Note: Please specify if you also have a background as an editor or proofreader, and what sort of experience you have.

The more elaborate your application, the better chance to get contacted! 🙌🏻


Keen to learn more about us and the opportunity? More info below! 👇🏻



We are a translation agency working exclusively with outdoor and action sports brands like Patagonia, Salomon, O’Neill, Peak Performance, and more. You can find out more about us here: 🔗 www.theactionsportstranslator.com

We understand our clients’ customers because we are them: we buy their gear, head out into the great outdoors and experience nature and the mountains – we LIVE for adventure.

Most of our work revolves around localizing, translating and transcreating ecommerce and marketing content like product descriptions, landing pages, website content, marketing campaigns, newsletters, SEO articles, video content, and more. Sometimes, we also help our clients with content and copy creation in English and more rarely in other European languages.

This is where YOU come in. 🙌🏻

We are looking for top-notch creative and strategic content crafted by our outdoor sports-loving German translation team.

This is why we are on the hunt for creative translators who know how to tell a good story in their language, aren’t afraid to stray from the source copy, and are familiar with the technicalities of outdoor gear. You should be comfortable raising questions and questioning the source copy, apply critical thinking and extreme ownership over your work.


  • We are not looking for bilingual people or people who have no translation or writing experience/qualifications.
  • We are not looking to hire permanent employees or to source translation agencies.
  • We are not looking for professional translators who have no experience in marketing translation or localization
  • And we are not looking for professional translators who don’t have a passion for/are not familiar with cycling and its various disciplines. If you’re into mainstream sports like football, rugby, tennis, etc. your application won’t be considered.

We strongly recommend against filling out the form if your profile isn’t in line with our requirements as your application will be automatically discareded.


As a fully remote translation company where every one of us is extremely passionate about the outdoors, it’s safe to say that our environment is pretty unique 🙂

You’ll be working with a team of world-class translators, editors and writers, who all share the love for action sports AND the same exceptionally high standards when it comes to our work – and you’ll be translating content for some of the world’s most iconic and exciting action and outdoor sports brands. You probably already own a piece of their gear or two!

All of our project managers have extensive backgrounds and experience as translators, so we put a huge focus on treating our collaborators in the same way we would like others to treat us – from our project briefs to how we communicate.

From us, you can expect:

  • Respectful onboarding practices
  • Respectful deadlines
  • Respectful, open and clear communication
  • Respectful project assignment practices
  • Clear project briefings
  • Respectful payment practices
  • A collaborative environment

Take a look at what other freelance translators say about working with us on our career page: www.theactionsportstranslator.com/join-the-team

So, ready to drop in and join our team? 🤙🏻 Drop your details here:

📩 https://forms.clickup.com/2698408/f/2jb58-29992/LOS04TI74248X5CNA4

See you on the other side! 🏃🏻‍♀️