Localization Academy


⚠️ This job was posted more than 2 weeks ago and may no longer be active

Contribute with data that help build state of the art AI-powered models in multiple languages!

We’re looking for participants with solid linguistic knowledge and/or experience to work on the lemmatization task.

Project Task:

In this task, you will see a word provided to you and you will need to map each inflected word form in your target language to a standard ‘dictionary’ form, also known as a lemma.

  • Work from home on your own time

Project Requirements:

  • Must be a native speaker of one of the following languages:
  • Tamil (India)
  • Bengali (India)
  • Fluent in English to understand guidelines.
  • A background in linguistics.
  • Familiarity with the concept of lemmatization.
  • Availability of 15-20 hours per week.
  • Previous lemmatization experience is preferred but not required.

Please note that we only need a small number of participants for this project, so only shortlisted candidates will be assigned to this project.

Looking forward to receiving your application!