Localization Academy

Localisation Specialist (for Enterprise Automation and Integration Software)


Workato (ワーカート) is a world-recognized software leader in enterprise automation. Founded in 2013, it is a startup company from Silicon Valley in the United States. We launched our Japan operation in 2021. We provide an all-in-one platform for organizational integration and business automation, and we have a track record of introducing it to more than 10,000 companies.

Here at Workato, we are a team moved by innovation — a passion to create the best possible way and the drive to continue to make it better. We also believe in the power of our team, knowing that we only succeed if we all succeed together. As our company grows, we’re looking for more brilliant minds to join us. Leaders that share our same drive and values to help make us stronger than ever.

As our Localisation Specialist for the Japan market, you will be responsible for adapting our software and services to cater to the unique needs of the Japanese market. Your expertise in cultural adaptation and ability to tailor globally standardised content to local Japanese audiences will ensure a seamless user experience for our Japanese customers, driving growth and success in the region.


  • Language Proficiency: Native-level fluency in Japanese and excellent command of English.
  • Localization Experience: Prior experience in SaaS localization or related fields.
  • Cultural Knowledge: In-depth understanding of Japanese culture and market dynamics.
  • Attention to Detail: Meticulous approach to deliver high-quality localized content.
  • Team Player: Collaborative skills to work in a SaaS cross-functional environment.
  • Join us as a Japanese Localization Specialist and contribute to our SaaS success in the thriving Japanese market.


  • Localize SaaS content and products to resonate with local C-Level Japanese audiences, maintaining cultural sensitivity and regional nuances.
  • Translate and review sales, marketing and technical materials from English to Japanese.
  • Conduct market research to understand Japanese user preferences and market trends, influencing localization strategies.
  • Execute rigorous quality control processes to validate the accuracy and appropriateness of localized content, ensuring a seamless user experience.


国 / 地域 日本 都道府県 東京都 勤務地(住所) Hibiya Fort Tower 10F, 1-1-1 Nishi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku