Localization Academy

Localization Terminology Manager

ROLE – Localization Terminology Manager


RATE – C2C/1099


MAIN SKILLS – Ex-Apple experience, Native-level fluency in a language other than English



  • Create, manage and maintain glossaries, style guides, and other linguistic and cultural assets in up to 40 locales, using our in-house tools.
  • Collect feedback from various stakeholders to establish quality requirements and connect with the Localization QA team when those requirements are not met.
  • Collaboration with cross-functional teams across multiple time zones.
  • Beyond reporting on issues found, provide pertinent information and follow solutions to their conclusion.
  • Gather feedback and recommendations from various stakeholders and flag potential language and cultural sensitivity issues.
  • Look for opportunities to optimize workflow, tools, and processes to help the team scale.
  • Implement and foster globalization/internationalization/localization best practices.
  • Create/Maintain/Update related documentation.
  • Check reference documentation and support validation as needed.
  • Check and maintain accuracy of records.
  • Assist in the assessment/communication of language needs for the UI Localization labs.
  • Manage daily and long term coverage and look for solutions as needed.
  • Create/manage tasks in an agile project management tool.
  • Co-host/Participate in internal team meetings.
  • Oversee review process and help treat data.
  • Anticipate tool training needs and create new tasks for vendors to take on.
  • Reply/manage/resolve/distribute bugs.



  • High attention to detail with an ability to see the big picture and to handle some ambiguity.
  • Strong familiarity with Apple ecosystem (hardware, software, and services).
  • Sufficient understanding of software development lifecycle.
  • Native-level fluency in a language other than English a plus.