Localization Academy

Localization Tester

📣 We at Fidel Softech Ltd are hiring for talented LocQA onsite testers proficient in Kannada

📍Location : Hyderabad

📁 Requirements:

✔Programming experience or familiarity with scripting/macros

✔Knowledge of Java, CSS, and SQL

✔Software localization experience

✔SW localization testing, UI testing, and product documentation testing

✔Linguistic testing of apps/websites with bug reporting using internal tools

✔Background in computer science or general IT

📁Additional Requirements:

✔ Project management or software engineering experience

✔Pro Apps or multimedia software expertise

✔ Experience in macOS and/or iOS software development

✔Coding skills in Swift, ObjC, Python, or Ruby

✔Background in UNIX, localization, and internationalization


✔Manual localization testing on software, documents, help, and hardware items

✔Reporting issues and providing pertinent information

✔ Cross-functional collaboration with international teams

✔Potential duties in test plan design, automated test procedures, and process improvement

📁Main Characteristics of a Successful LQA Tester:

✔ IT background and experience in testing

✔ Proficiency in multiple programming/scripting languages

✔Bug reporting knowledge using systems like Jira and Bugzilla

✔Native language proficiency with native keyboards

✔Extra skills: scripting/automation expertise, translation experience

📁What Testers Do:

✔Linguistic Testing: Spelling, grammar, clipping, inconsistency, Style, and issues

✔Functionality Testing: Verify correct behavior and functionality in native language

✔Localizability Testing: Identify language-specific bugs and suggest solutions

Interested candidates can share resumes at varad.deshpande@fidelsoftech.com


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