Manual QA Engineer


Are you seeking a unique QA engineering job within an innovative technology firm which is trying to save the world from Google Translate? Do you love creating high quality software solutions with a team of skilled engineers? Yes? You – should definitely read on!

The role you’ll play

You will be executing manual but also automated software test on the core products of our Platform which serves thousands of users on a daily basis. You will also be responsible for finding and reporting usability problems, bugs, and glitches. Ultimately, you will ensure that our products, applications and systems work smoothly and correctly in the different environments.

The team you’ll be a part of

You will join the Language Tools Tribe, working on bringing our translators the best editor and tooling support in the business. We run by the “You built it, you run it” principle, which means that we own the products we build through all phases. The products we build are the most important tools for the translators that use them every day to run their business – what you do will make an immediate impact on their daily work!

The Language Tools team develops and maintains state of the art tools for not only language professionals but also non-experts. Language Tools Tribe is building & maintaining Smart Editor (LW’s CAT tool) and currently developing a next generation Terminology management tool among other things. Our team handles both the Frontend (written in Vue.js) and several backend micro-services as well (created using .NET 5 and running on Kubernetes clusters in Azure).

If you want to make a difference, make it with us by…

  • Executing an extensive array of manual tests to ensure our new features can be brought out to users
  • Executing an extensive array of regression tests and report any problems / regressions found
  • Being part of feature discovery and user story mapping session to understand the features and functionality you will be testing
  • Creating and developing test plans for our new features, while also improving the test plans for our current features
  • Analyzing the performance of our services and report any regressions / problems / glitches found
  • Writing runbooks/documentation regarding our translation/test process
  • Supporting production releases and ensuring our services runs smoothly 24×7

In one year, you’ll know you were successful if…

  • Successfully helped deliver features in a continued delivery setup within your team
  • You are successfully integrated into LanguageWire and your new team and play a significant role in ensuring high quality and uptime for our Platform

Desired experience and competencies

What does it take to work for LanguageWire?

What you’ll need to bring

  • At least 3 years of Software Testing experience.
  • Understanding of Agile software delivery lifecycle and methodologies (Scrum, Kan-Ban, etc).
  • Knowledge and training on testing techniques and testing strategies.
  • Experience writing and executing test cases.
  • Experience writing and updating testing plan.
  • Basic JavaScript / HTML / CSS / REST API knowledge.
  • Basic knowledge of databases.
  • Basic experience with debugging using the Chrome/Firefox/Safari developer console.
  • Excellent English skills as we are and international team who work closely together.

This will make you stand out

  • Experience with task tracking and test management tools like Azure DevOps.
  • Experience with Continues Delivery Pipelines for cloud applications, e.g. in Azure, AWS or GCP.
  • Basic experience with any Automation tool (preferably Cypress and / or Selenium).
  • Being an outgoing person who easily navigates our organization and gets your answers quickly.
  • Experience with the translation/content industry.

Your colleagues say you…

  • Can be firm on project deliverables when you need to be.
  • Have a keen eye for details.
  • Are a quick learner who quickly grasps new information.
  • Always ready to help where needed.

About LanguageWire

Most important things to know about us:

  • We eliminate language barriers, so people understand each other. Everywhere.
  • We are a tech company. We build our own language tech that gives us a competitive advantage in the language industry.
  • We are an AI company. Our in-house AI teams use Deep Learning to develop sophisticated natural language processing services that process hundreds of millions of words per year.
  • We are a stable company, and we are growing.

More detail about us:

At LanguageWire, we are leaders in the world of Language Service Providers, but we are cooler than our competitors. Want to know why? Read on. We are fueled by the most advanced technology (AI) and our goal is to make customer’s lives easier by simplifying their communication with any audience across the globe.

We are proud of our unique AI technology and our exquisite customer care. We are even prouder of our people. From our language experts, tech nerds, and customer success drivers to the core of heroes in the background. They all have a stake in supporting the delivery of translations, editing, desktop publishing, and other crazy cool multilingual communication services.

We listen and we care. We adapt our solutions to customer needs and integrate them with customer-specific tech stacks, streamlines and automated workflows. All of this while ensuring all data is protected thoroughly in a secure, meteorite-proof infrastructure. Basically, we’ve got the whole package!

Our values

At LanguageWire, we are curious and intrigued by what we don’t understand. We believe relationships are based on honesty and responsibility, and being trustworthy reinforces an open, humble, and honest way of communicating. We are caring and respect each other personally and professionally. We encourage authentic collaboration, invite feedback and a positive social environment. Our desire to learn, build, and share knowledge is a natural part of our corporate culture.

Technology is a big part of what keeps LanguageWire ahead of the competition, but we never forget it’s a business built and powered by people. We ensure that our entire team is happy with what they do and we always incite each other to be their best. Because at the end of the day, that’s why our customers love to work with us—they enjoy working with a team of enthusiastic & ambitious people!

Working at LanguageWire — why we like it:

We believe that we can wire the world together with language. It drives us to think big, follow ambitious goals, and get better every day. By embracing and solving the most exciting and impactful challenges, we help people to understand each other better and to bring the world closer together.

(Waldemar, Director of Machine Learning, Valencia)

Once the purpose & values project had been rolled out, I felt a stronger connection and more engaged. Within our team, we care for each other, help each other on tasks, projects and we value different opinions. We truly lift each other up to be our best and ambitiously strive towards constantly improving on a professional and personal level.

(Patrick, Senior Application Support Engineer, Valencia)

At LanguageWire, we have the unique chance of bringing people together by overcoming language barriers. We truly live our purpose every day, as it guides us continually when navigating challenges by exploring new solutions. Having a shared purpose also brings a strong sense of determination and is a real driver in our daily work. We know that our efforts converge towards the same goal. This really contributes to building cohesive teams.

(Marie, Linguistic Engineer, Valencia)

What are the perks?

We don’t stand still. We don’t look back; we drive forward!

Are you the next Wire in our community? Consider a career with LanguageWire, and let’s realize your potential together. These are some of the perks of becoming a Wire…

General perks

  • Scale-up by facts — start-up by heart
  • With us, you can enjoy flat hierarchies, responsibility and freedom, direct feedback, and room to stand up for your own ideas
  • We are a fast-growing tech company that enables you to be part of the decision-making processes, and suggest new and fresh ways to come up with solutions
  • Besides your actual paycheck, we offer benefits such as personal and professional development opportunities, ongoing support from your People & Culture Partner, internal career development and an inclusive and fun company culture
  • International company. Offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Stockholm, Varberg, London, Leuven, Lille, Munich, Hamburg, Zurich, Kiev, Gdansk, Atlanta and Valencia
  • Over 400 employees with great gender and cultural diversity
  • At LanguageWire, we offer three flexible work options tailored to how you work best. Depending on your team, you may have the option to work full-time from the office as an “Office Bee,” part-time from the office as a “Nomad,” or full-time from home as a “Homey.”
  • We take care of our people and initiate many get-togethers from online fitness classes like yoga to Christmas parties. We have fun!

Valencia Perks

  • More than 200 great colleagues in different business departments.
  • Working in an international environment—more than 20 different nationalities
  • A dog friendly atmosphere
  • Big kitchen with free access to organic fruits and coffee
  • Excellent location in cool and modern offices in the city center, with a great rooftop terrace and a view over the Town Hall Square

Want to know more?

We can’t wait to meet you! So, why wait ’til tomorrow? Apply today!

If you have any questions, please reach out to Ana Catalá at!alá at!