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Performance Marketing and Retail Media Expert for LATAM Market

⚠️ This job was posted more than 2 weeks ago and may no longer be active

Position: Performance Marketing & Retail Media Expert for LATAM Spanish Market

We are seeking two seasoned Performance Marketing & Retail Media expert consultants in Latin America to help our client, a leader in the ad tech sphere, to seamlessly launch their turnkey ad serving platform localized for the Latin American Spanish market.


As a Subject-Matter Expert (SME) in Performance Marketing & Retail Media for the Latin American Spanish market, you will participate in our localization process with our Creative Team (located in Europe, the U.S., and Asia) to ensure that the Latin American Spanish localized version of our client’s ad serving platform will deliver as seamless experiences for LATAM Spanish-speaking digital & performance marketing strategists and managers in eRetail, eCommerce, and retail media networks as its English original version has been for English-speaking audiences.

You will be the final author and sculptor of the LATAM Spanish version by reviewing, validating and reworking our bilingual team’s LATAM Spanish translation work of the U.S. original ad serving platform.


Our Creative Team will rely on you for the following:

  • Precise, updated terminology used in the LATAM Spanish performance & retail media marketing sphere.
  • Creative problem solving skills based on your seasoned expertise.

Note: Not all terms correspond between two languages. For the cases where the exactly corresponding terms are not found in LATAM Spanish to the English original terms, your industry expert insight and creative problem solving will shine out and lead us to the best adapted way of localizing the terms in question into LATAM Spanish.

  • Test and evaluate our LATAM Spanish localized version of the ad serving platform and share detailed feedback (including your proposed fixes) with our Creative Team including questions and recommendations at both language level and feature level based on your insights and experience in the industry.


The talent we are seeking must have:

  • Obsession with detail and analytical thinking.
  • Sensitivity to language.
  • 5+ years of hands-on experience in executing and managing data-driven digital & performance media experiences across the industry-leading platforms in social commerce and retail or social media spheres in Latin America OR 2+ years of experience in Amazon ads
  • A physiological condition where reading out trends and opportunities based on data analysis across the customer journey and being able to articulate hypotheses is part of your system.
  • Up-to-date knowledge of the latest trends in the LATAM Spanish retail media e-commerce and digital media space
  • Collaborative and strong communication skills
  • Creative problem solving skills
  • Native or near-native LATAM Spanish proficiency

Engagement details

  • Engagement Type: Independent contractor on a project basis
  • Work Location: Remote

Recruitment Process

Application submission → Screening → Written test → On-the-job testing phase (3 weeks) → Review → Pilot phase (3 months)

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