Localization Academy


Job Qualifications and Requirements:

• Very Good knowledge of localization
• Very Good Knowledge of Arabic Rules
• Time Management skills (Level 2)
• Communication skills (Level 2)
• 5 Years of experience

Education and Certifications:

• Bachelor of Languages and Translation.

Roles and Responsibilities:

• Review & correct translations done by other translator
• Make sure that all translated files and segments are revised and all instructions applied according to clients’ requirements
• Report the translation quality and decide the necessary actions to be taken in order to evade any quality issues
• Provide revision sheets to translator for all tasks
• Cooperate to combine all TMs & glossaries for every project.
• Handling Queries
• Doing reply to client’s feedback
• Multitasking person
• Doing revision, proofreading, LSO, QA, Style Guide Creation, Feedback implementation, TM creation, one-shot translation, and all production- related Jobs in line with standard rates, procedures and rules set by the company.
• Doing a revision phase for Tests with premium quality.
• Learning new skills quickly and being comfortable working with various technologies and interfaces.
• Any other tasks requested by the direct manager
• Managing time during work to provide the requested daily quota and get the needed training
• Contribute to developing and coaching other translators