Localization Academy

Senior Canadian French Translator

⚠️ This job was posted more than 2 weeks ago and may no longer be active

We are expanding our full-time linguists team and looking for experienced English – Canadian French translators to join us.


  • Translating, proofreading, and editing content.
  • Creating and updating glossaries and translation memories.
  • Develops project plans and workflows, managing project time frames and quality assurance.
  • Following analysis of client specific requirements, creating and managing internal version of localization project plans, and providing project specific education and coaching to new linguists.
  • Measuring work quality.
  • Guiding junior linguists through training and coaching opportunities and by creating methodologies, tools, and checklists to improve the translation processes.
  • Obtains a quality check and feedback on all projects executed within the concerned domain.
  • Managing key projects.
  • Assisting in interviewing, training, and directing junior linguistic teams (if needed).
  • Arrange for test and quality check of new teams.


– Three Senior translators with minimum 5 years of proven experience in the Legal and Financial, Technical, E-commerce and Marketing domains.

Work Conditions:

– The job is handled remotely.

– Official working and reporting hours are set from 9 am till 6 pm with an hour of lunch break, Monday through Friday.

– This position requires availability on demand after working hours or through the weekend for urgent requests and when there is a business need.