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About Us

Providing bespoke localization services

Bespoke Lab was founded in January 2021 by a seasoned team of localization experts who are passionate about providing exceptional localization services to our clients. Through our expert knowledge and experience, we are able to support our clients in bringing their content to global and local platforms. Our vision is to provide a fully customized experience with expert knowledge and understanding of the local market in order to attain the best experience for our clients and our viewers.

Main Objectives of the Job

An English Subtitle Linguist is a position that maintains the highest quality of subtitles in which the target language is English. Bespoke Lab’s Linguists do not only manage or oversee a simple editing process of the translation, but they also strive to fully deliver the originality of the content during the localization process. Bespoke Lab’s Linguists are independent language experts who have a deep understanding of the content they work on and strictly accept only high-quality subtitles in the target language to ensure that the viewers will not face any difficulty in understanding the translated content. Linguists also reflect the standard of subtitles in the localization industry and are flexible to meet the needs of the clients. English Linguists must have a very good command of both English and Korean at the level of a native speaker and have excellent linguistic flair.

Job Description

  • Proofread and edit subtitles for any genre of movies and TV series in English to the highest quality according to linguistic standards and client’s guidelines while preserving the originality of the content.
  • Fluently execute issues in the translation including but not limited to misspelling, unnecessary omission and additions of essential parts, grammatical errors, and mistranslation.
  • Ensure the accuracy of translation that consists of puns, jokes, idioms, and special terms to be linguistically acceptable and familiar to the native viewers.
  • Ensures timely delivery of files and deliverable quality.
  • Evaluate freelancer test results, conduct training, and provide constructive feedback.
  • Perform other team tasks

Job Requirements

  • Bilingual in Korean and English 
  • Strong command of English grammar and spelling
  • 3+ years of translation/proofreading/QA experience, working on various media content
  • Strong attention to detail and strict adherence to deadlines
  • A passion for media content and languages
  • Positive attitude and strong work ethic in a fast-changing industry

*The position of this post is set to Subtitler to provide information to more interested candidates, but Bespoke Lab’s official position name is Linguist.