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Technical Translator

⚠️ This job was posted more than 2 weeks ago and may no longer be active

TRAGEM Professional Translation is a language service provider based in Egypt that offers a wide range of language services, including document and website translation, software localization, multilingual desktop publishing, and voice over services. We are seeking experienced and highly skilled translators specialized in software localization to join our team. The ideal candidates will have a strong background in technical translation, with a focus on adapting software, applications, and digital content from English to Arabic. All translators should be native Arabic speakers. As a Technical Translator, you will be responsible for accurately translating and adapting software interfaces, documentation, and other materials.


  • Translate and adapt software interfaces, usler guides, and other technical materials.
  • Ensure that the localized content meets linguistic, cultural, and technical requirements.
  • Collaborate with software developers, product managers, and other stakeholders to understand context and specifications.
  • Use localization tools and software to enhance efficiency and maintain consistency.
  • Conduct quality assurance to ensure the final localized product meets our standards.


  • Proven experience in software localization, with a strong portfolio of relevant projects.
  • Proficiency in English as the source language and native fluency in Arabic as the target language.
  • In-depth knowledge of software and technical terminology.
  • Familiarity with localization CAT tools.
  • Ability to work with various file formats, including XML, JSON, and resource files.
  • Strong attention to detail and excellent communication skills.

How to Apply:

  • Please send us your CV at hr@tragem.net. Please make sure to mention source and target languages in your email subject line.