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Translation Coordinator

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Translation Coordinator

Job Description

The Translation Coordinator at Nova is responsible for coordinating all translation, localization, transcription, and interpretation projects, as well as receiving and responding to incoming language service requests by e-mail, phone, or in person.


  • Being responsible for the entire life-cycle of all projects assigned to the individual;
  • Working with daily deliverables, supporting on-time delivery for the allocated projects, and providing primary support to Project Managers;
  • Working with the company and client-specific tools and platforms;
  • Partnering with Project Managers to ensure all communications are addressed
  • Juggling multiple projects and priorities simultaneously in a fast-paced environment;
  • Understanding and abiding by individual project instructions;
  • Liaising with Client/Project Managers to clarify project requirements;
  • Coordinating with linguists to ensure that the translation complies with instructions and is linguistically accurate;
  • Communicating any issues/problems/caveats or additional;
  • Multitasking to maintain control of reviewer-related and other tasks for complex project workflows;
  • Following up on late deliveries;
  • Interacting daily with reviewers regarding assignments, due dates, etc. to ensure projects are being completed in a timely manner, and negotiating due dates as needed;
  • Executing quality control tasks;
  • Communicating reviewer queries to the client and ensuring reviewers are following the process;
  • Documenting processes, contributing ideas, and implementing improvements for the overall benefit of the team;
  • Assisting project management team with special projects;
  • Providing troubleshooting for linguists and helping Project Managers troubleshoot for clients.


  • Good communication skills, both written and oral
  • Team player who can also work independently
  • Ability to prioritize tasks as needed
  • Ability to work under tight deadlines
  • Fluent in English
  • Knowledge of CAT tools
  • Good understanding of file formats
  • Flexibility in relation to working hours
  • 2 years of previous experience (in a similar role)