Localization Academy

User Researcher

Temu is currently hiring for the Localization Team. As a rapidly growing company, we are looking for talented individuals who are committed to helping us achieve our goals. In this role, you are allowed to work from home and have a quite flexible working style.

User Research/Market Research

Job Responsibilities:

1) Responsible for user research of target market/country and put forward professional suggestions to help product team optimize product functions and make products more user-friendly;

2) Responsible for translation and proofreading of text, pictures and titles on user interaction pages, and localization of product pages.

Required skills:

1) Experience in online shopping, familiar with domestic and foreign e-commerce platforms;

2) Familiar with advertising or marketing industry, frequent use of domestic and foreign social apps;

3) Have certain research and analysis ability, have a certain interest in researching work;

4) Have at least one of following language skills:


Minimum Qualifications:

1)Bachelor degree or above.