Localization Academy

Webtoon Translator & Editor

⚠️ This job was posted more than 2 weeks ago and may no longer be active

▶We’re Hiring

[Korean to English]

  • [Full-time In-house] Webtoon Translation Editor (Korean to English)
  • [Freelance] Webtoon Translator (Korean to English)

[English/Korean to French]

  • [Full-time In-house] Webtoon Translation Editor (English/Korean to French)
  • [Freelance] Webtoon Translator (Korean to French)
  • [Freelance] Webtoon Translator (English to French)

▶Who We Are

As a subsidiary of Kakao Entertainment,

Kiwi Vine is the leading media localization provider

specializing in localization services for various media content

such as webtoons, web novels, films, and episodic TV series.

Our mission is to bring people joy and happiness

with our high-quality localized content services.

▶Basic Requirements

∙ All educational backgrounds, ages, and genders may apply.

▶Job Description

∙ Translate and edit into the target language with proper linguistic tone and flow.

∙ Create and manage assets such as style guides and glossaries to maintain linguistic quality and standards.

∙ Collaborate with the Kiwi localization team to discuss and determine suitability of content and to ensure content is delivered on time.

▶Work Environment

ㆍWork Type: Freelance

ㆍLocation: Remote

ㆍWork Days: Flexible (varies depending on project)

ㆍPricing: Based on company policy (varies depending on project)

ㆍWork Type: Full-time in-house

ㆍLocation: On-site

ㆍWork Days: 09:30 a.m. – 06:30 p.m. (5 days per week)

ㆍAnnual Salary: 30-35M (depending on experience)

▶Application Method and Procedure

∙ Hiring Period: June 1, 2023 – June 30, 2023

∙ Documents: CV/resume, cover letter, personal portfolio


∙ Apply: Please fill out the application form below.

[Korean to English]


[English(or Korean) to French]


Please specify which position you’re applying for.

You can apply for multiple positions.

You can also find them on the Kiwi Vine website. (www.kiwivine.kr)

▶Hiring Process

1. Submit documents

2. Sample test

3. Interview & on-site test (only for in-house positions)

4. Aptitude test (only for in-house positions)

5. Hired


Application may be rejected if information is discovered to be false.