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Lingohub Review: How Good Is Their Customer Support?

We tested how Lingohub handles user inquiries. If customer support is important to you, watch this video review when picking your Translation Management System 💡

How good is the customer support of Lingohub? We decided to find out by putting their support team to the test. We’ll approach Lingohub from two angles, as a potential client and as a registered freelancer. For the client scenario, I’ll be using the alias Jeff Thomason from aliensuite.org, a domain with no online presence.

For the freelancer scenario, I created a Gmail account for Lucy McLean and registered on Lingohub. Let’s dive in and see how Lingohub responded to both our client and freelancer inquiries. As a client, I navigated to the contact link in the footer of Lingohub’s website.

They offer several contact options, sales, general questions, partnerships, and job applications. I chose talk to sales, which led me to their sales email without any additional form to fill out. On Tuesday at 3.35pm, I sent an email inquiring about their platform’s support for a multilingual WordPress website, API limitations, and pricing details.

I kept checking my inbox regularly, but even after 10 days, there was no reply to my client inquiry. It was a complete silence from Lingohub’s sales team. For the freelancer scenario, I easily found a support contact option in the user interface.

It opened a pop-up window where I could send a message, though I found it odd that I had to enter my email despite being logged in. Their promise was to respond within a day. On Wednesday at 6.25am, I sent a message asking about testing their online editor with a JSON file.

Unlike Jeff, Lucy the freelancer received a response within just 12 minutes. The reply was direct and addressed my questions without any unnecessary information. It was exactly what I needed.

So there you have it, two very different experiences with Lingohub’s support. As a potential client, I was left without any response even after 10 days. But as a freelancer, I received a prompt and helpful reply in record time.

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