Find and hire PM talent. Consistently.

Stop wasting time and money on the wrong people. With our bootcamps, you can look beyond degrees and focus on raw talent to find your next junior project manager. Rely on data, not guesswork.

Daniela D’Amato from Creative Words

“We spent lots of effort hiring junior PMs who ended up not liking the job after a while. Andrej came to us with a different approach. After 5 weeks of his bootcamp, we simply had to select the best hires for our company. All the students learned far more than the PM basics, so they could get started right away with us.”

Daniela D’Amato
Operations Manager @ Creative Words

A smarter way of hiring

A degree or resume doesn’t demonstrate practical skills. Instead of hiring and hoping for the best, we put your candidates to the test.

Trust insight instead of interviews

Traditionally, you will hire new employees based on their limited experience, resume, and a set of HR questions. This approach doesn’t show you whether they have the grit to be great once the real job kicks in.

Instead, by measuring actual performance in an environment that replicates your business, our bootcamps help you make hiring decisions based on reliable data.

Avoid costly hiring mistakes

Traditional hiring methods are often a roll of the dice where you bet on a young employee’s ability to grow according to your expectations.

With our localization bootcamps, you can identify red flags before you commit to hiring, reduce your risk and save money by investing in the right people from the start.

Find people who love the job

There are few things as frustrating as hiring a promising candidate, only to have them leave within a few weeks. The realities of project management often leave junior employees disappointed.

By exposing them to the real triumphs and challenges of the job first, they will have a much better understanding of what to expect from their new career. Those who see the course through are far more likely to stay committed to you after the bootcamp is over.

Stop wasting time and money
on training the wrong people.

Get your customized localization bootcamp, leave the training to us, then hire the best fit for your team based on data.

Vasso Pouli from Commit Global

“The Commit Global team was growing fast and needed to bring in fresh talent. Sponsoring a bootcamp with LA allowed us to help a diverse team of people put their professional careers into perspective. At the same time, it concluded with the few ones that were really drawn to PMing and were ready to join our team as permanent staff. The curriculum was comprehensive and the feedback loop was constant and aligned with our values, which also made our onboarding easier.”

Vasso Pouli

CEO @ Commit Global
Thijs Senten from Attached Language Intelligence

“Localization Academy’s bootcamp is a great start for anyone that wants to start in the localization industry. Andrej is a great person to work with – his enthusiasm and friendly style immediately put people at ease, and he clearly knows his stuff. For us it’s now an essential element in training new colleagues at Attached.”

Thijs Senten

CTO @ Attached

Frequently asked questions

We already test job applicants. Do we still need your bootcamp?

If your tests only cover general skills, our bootcamp can still improve your hiring success rate. We train the applicants first, so that later they can demonstrate their ability to manage projects. Because that’s what we believe matters — give the applicants an opportunity to show how they’d do the real job and hire them based on that.

How many junior localization project managers can we hire out of the bootcamp?

We don’t charge you for every hire. Our value lies in creating a fair environment where every applicant can showcase their skills, talent and personality. If you think all of them will be a good fit at the end of our bootcamp, go ahead and hire them all!

Do we still need to provide any in-house training after your bootcamp?

Most likely yes. But the extent of it depends on how much we customize your bootcamp. Some companies start with our default program, which should discover the PM talent out there, but it doesn’t teach anything specific about your business. We can also create a more tailored program where you’ll have less work to after hiring. In any case, our bootcamp doesn’t replace your onboarding process. We focus on finding and training the people to get the job done. Not how to request vacation.

Why should we trust the evaluation and data you provide for a candidate?

Because our bootcamp is fully transparent and you’re free to join the fun. You’ll be able to see how the candidates participate in training sessions, how they do their assignments, how they manage the simulated projects. All our feedback is backed by screenshots.

Can you teach our tools and processes in the bootcamp?

Absolutely! We have extensive industry experience, so we can easily learn about your internal tools and processes and design the bootcamp accordingly.

Is your assessment 100% objective?

We’d like to think so. We give every candidate the same time to learn, the same time to do the assignments. Each individual has to deal with the same scenarios in their simulated projects. Plus, you can participate in the training sessions and see every email during the simulation. So we keep everything transparent and objective!

Do candidates like to be hired through such a complicated process?

Yes! Because it’s not a standard hiring process, they’re all learning so much in a short period of time. Even the ones who don’t get hired in the end are very happy that they discovered a new career in their life. And your bootcamp is what made it possible.