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Phrase Review: How Good Is Their Customer Support?

We tested how Phrase handles user inquiries. If customer support is important to you, watch this video review when picking your Translation Management System 💡

Curious about how good Phrase’s customer support is? We decided to test it out and see how they respond to different inquiries. For this test, we approach Phrase from two perspectives, as a potential client and as a registered freelancer. Using the alias jeffthomason from aliensuite.org, I post as a client with no online presence.

Meanwhile, I created a email account for Lucy McClain and registered on Phrase as a freelancer. Let’s dive in and see how Phrase handled inquiries from both a prospective client and a freelancer. As a client, I navigated to the contact link in the navigation menu of Phrase’s website.

On the contact page, there were multiple options for support, including product, pricing, technical support, partnerships, media, career opportunities, and general inquiries. I chose to submit a general inquiry on Tuesday at 3.22pm, asking about their platform support for a multilingual WordPress website, API limitations, and pricing details. The response arrived after 15 hours.

It was almost complete, suggesting a package based on my request and informing me about their WordPress connector. However, they didn’t address my question about API limitations. Additionally, the response mentioned that you’ll be working with XYZ for the entirety of this process, and you’ll be in good hands, which felt a bit pushy, as it implied I was already committed to some onboarding process.

As Lucy the freelancer, I found a help link in the UI that led to their help center, powered by Zendesk. At the top of the page, I could submit a request, which I did on Wednesday at 5.56am, inquiring about testing their online editor with JSON files. And I received a reply within one hour.

The response directed me to their help center and included a specific article about JSON file types, which answered my questions. Interestingly, they also linked a video that R. Carlos made about JSON file import. Did they know it was me testing them? And there you have it.

Phrase’s support team delivered positive results overall. As a potential client, I received a helpful response within 15 hours. But one out of my three questions was left unanswered.

As a freelancer, I got a quick and accurate reply within one hour with a personal touch that even included our own content. What do you think about Phrase’s customer support?

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