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Smartcat Review: How Good Is Their Customer Support?

We tested how Smartcat handles user inquiries. If customer support is important to you, watch this video review when picking your Translation Management System 💡

Welcome to our new video series where we go behind the scenes of TMS platforms, putting their customer support under the microscope. We’ll see just how quickly and effectively they respond to both potential clients and freelancers. First up, thanks to a fateful spin by the RNG gods, is Smartcat.

For our experiment, we’ll simulate two scenarios, one as a potential client on the buyer side and one as a freelancer who already signed up to the platform. As a client, I’ll use the alias jeffthomason from aliensuite.org. It’s a domain without any online presence, which might raise suspicions, but fingers crossed. As a freelancer, I created a Gmail account as lucymcclane and then signed up to Smartcat.

So, everything was ready for the real test, reaching out to Smartcat’s support. Would they be able to handle a mysterious new client and a fresh freelancer with equally pressing questions? On the client side, I first looked for ways to contact their support and found a link in the footer. They even have dedicated channels for legal support and direct sales inquiries, but I opted to submit a standard ticket to their support team.

My query? I asked how their platform could aid in launching a multilingual WordPress website, any API limitations, and of course, the pricing details. This ticket was opened on Tuesday around 2pm Pacific. Now as Lucy the freelancer, I logged in and found the contact support link at the bottom.

Clicking it took me to a chatbot, which eventually directed me to the same form used by Jeff. I inquired about testing their online editor with a JSON file. This message was sent early Wednesday at 6pm Pacific.

By Wednesday evening, there were no replies to either inquiry. However, when I woke up on Thursday, both tickets were already answered. So, for the client inquiry, the initial response took about one and a half days.

It was somewhat helpful forwarding my request to a salesperson and suggesting I explore plans and book a demo. The sales guy also wanted me to book a time. I guess I must be popular.

Also, the first reply included a link about WordPress integration. But without any other words, I was wondering if that’s the answer to my question. I guess I just have to do the research myself.

Lucy’s reply came in under 24 hours. Excellent. However, it was a general copy paste response that didn’t really tackle what I had asked, how to test their editor with JSON files.

Instead, I learned how to complete my profile and how to get paid. And there you have it, a mixed bag of responses from Smartcat. What do you think about their customer support?

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