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Tradutec Website Review

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In this video, Andrej brings you an in-depth UX review of a localization website from Traductec, a France-based LSP 🌍 Join him as he takes a closer look at Tradutec’s website and shares his first impressions and findings, including insights on what can be improved. 

LSP Website Review is a new show in which we perform UX reviews on localization websites. By providing actionable insights and recommendations, we aim to make a positive impact in the industry 💪 In each episode, we bring you an engaging and informative review that you won’t want to miss.

Andrej Zito

I have never heard of Tradutec, I guess it’s a Belgium company. So let’s go. That’s the best thing that I have never seen it. So I have no idea what to expect Tradutec multilingual translation agency in Paris… oh in Paris, I thought it was in Belgium, whatever your translation, blah, blah, blah Tradutec provide a fully customized solution. Alright, let’s see. Alright.

Andrej Zito

So this is what I was actually expecting from some of these websites of the smaller agencies. I’m not sure how big they are. Okay, so this is the funny thing. First important thing, right? We are in the localization, but I see that the cookies consent is French. Right. “Ok por moi” “Je choisis”, something… “Non merci” Okay, no, thank you.

Andrej Zito

So that’s think number one. As you can see, by default, the website actually loads in English, but the cookie consent is not in English. And I think I can have some understanding for that, because at least on our WordPress website, we are using this specific plugin just for the cookies. And probably there is a way how you can localize it, but I’m not sure but on the other hand, our website is also just fully English only. So that’s what you have first think cookie consent not localized. Next thing, the first impression from this website is looks kind of weird. It looks like very, very old schoolish. And normally, when you have the content, let’s say fixed with containers, so it doesn’t span over the whole website. At least it doesn’t look fully boxed like this. So normally, you would have the the background color, some of the sections go all the way but then the content will actually be insights. If, for example, like this, this background image or texture would be fully So this to me looks very, very school, I would say. That’s the very first impression. Okay, before we start scrolling further, let’s look at the logo. I was wondering what that logo is right? Now, the more I look into it, it looks like a globe. And then it’s like a cat. Is that really a cat? Or is it this thinks, Okay, so it’s a it’s a globe with something that looks like it’s things. So I’m no expert at logos. But one of the best things you can do about your logo is keep it simple, because as you can see, this is the problem with too complex and too detailed logos, when they’re showing small, which they in many cases are you just don’t see the details and people just cannot recognize. So would I be able to draw this thing, just by seeing it few few seconds? Probably not. Next, what else can we talk about color palette, I guess, obviously, you can see it’s blue and orange, typical contrasting colors that you see in many places. I don’t like the orange here that’s picked for the buttons, it looks a little bit washed out. And I also like the fact that the buttons have that white border that to me, again, looks kind of old school. What else do we have here, the top section, the middle section is request three quote next to that you can change the language to the French, let me see my chance the French one is looking better. But I guess it doesn’t look way better. But you can see that it’s slightly different like this. I don’t even I don’t even know I call it the hero image because it’s just like a background thing. But here for some reason is very big here. It’s smaller and linear. Why? A so Request a free quote, protect multilingual translation agency, our expertise, I guess this just scrolls down. Okay, so it scrolls down. So I guess I’m not sure if this would be the main call to action. Typically, of course, you’d probably have the main call to action on the let’s say the hero section, which is the first big thing that catches your attention as soon as you can hear. So here this I would say is the is the big thing. But yeah, like our expertise is more about just like learn more, instead of giving the people some action to do so that’s questionable. And also when it comes to the size of the buttons, you can see that the size is exactly the same, I would say first, normally, you would want to establish some hierarchy, which would mean that the map more important call to action would be bigger than the other one. So that’s about that next thing. Typically, when it comes to copywriting, you want to communicate some sort of value, ideally unique value that separates you from everyone else. But here we just have the name of the company and then the fact that it’s multiple translation agents that if we discard all the other, I don’t know 10s of 1000s agencies there are there in the world. I guess that will make them unique, but right now, so not much care put into this thing. Let me quickly look at the menus professional trade translation, try to take agency Oh, that’s them. Like why is it here? That’s weird that they put their name into a menu. Julia will be like Bob Lazar, something like that. Methods and services news and contact Okay, the menu is decent, I would say so let’s move on because this above the fold part is not very

Andrej Zito

The exciting next section, we have 30 years of know how as a multilingual translation agency, so I would say I’m not sure how this is called professionally, you can see here like the space around a, and the space between the characters in each word or not the difference of this kind of like blends all in together as if it was one, one big word, right? Like, you have to actually concentrate on reading this easily. So I think that’s not very good. So that means the typography could be improved. And then also, we have this, I think it’s called orphan. And you just have one word on the new line, which I guess is the wind break thing, where you break things. So that’s also an unregulated supporting advising its clients for almost 30 years, blah, blah, blah, and drawing cat owner read this business expertise in each area of specialization. So here, the first thing that comes to my mind is contrast here in this part, I think it’s okay, a reason why it’s okay because we have white text, and here the background is darker. So light things on a dark background, or vice versa. That works because that gives you good contrast. The problem is once we go into this part where the background, I don’t even want to call it texture, it’s probably just some stupid image and when it gets lighter, so the contrast gets worse. So it’s not very good. Our network consists of more than 600 professional translators experts. Okay, that’s interesting. For some reason, I thought this would be testimonials. But I guess they are not such as like two columns displaying about their translators, as long as I understand it. Also the hierarchy again, I would say, did we say about hierarchy, he said about hierarchy. When it comes to the buttons when it comes to here, like this section thing, this font size, and this one is not that different guy, maybe it is almost like twice as big as the body text. But I think it could be still better. I don’t know. It goes like bolt into bolt. It’s not very different legal and sworn translation. So this one, this part looks nice. I think it’s the first part that looks nice legal and sworn translation, financial translation sales or marketing translation website, technical translation, tourism, translation, I’m not sure why this one is orange, what is the pattern here? So we have blue, white, orange, white, blue, white? Yeah, I’m not I’m not really sure why this one turned to be orange, instead of just repeating the blue, white and blue, white, but whatever. Okay, I understand the lines, because it’s something that they used here as well, for some reason. Maybe I’m just overthinking at this point. For some reason, I don’t like the combination that get here we have, I don’t know, let’s say a heading, or like, heading subtitle then separated from the rest of the text. But then we also have the bullet lists, like, to me like the biggest problem is like, she’s like there are two things that are separating the content, there is the line and then there’s the bullet points. I’m not a fan of that. Here. We have again, the buttons which when you hover them, the contrast is even worse, but I guess it’s not such a big issue. Right? What we have here, do we have it aligned during my trip?

Andrej Zito

Okay, it is aligned. Alright, so this is lined this was nice. This one I mentioned that natural weights orange Lloyd doesn’t have that the orange on top of it still has a nice contrast. So I think it looks good. I just don’t understand the logic behind the pattern. So that’s that that’s the different types of translations. Do you need a professional translation? Ask for free? No Obligation won’t care. Okay, I guess I understand that. This is the color that they chose to use for the buttons, but orange on red. I don’t think it’s the best color right. Let’s see if we can use the does it look like if we put the dark blue? Oh, I change it everywhere. What am I doing? Oh, no.

Andrej Zito

Okay, it’s here. I think my mouse was stuck on the upper. So yeah, this is what I’m talking about. I think this one looks better. And I still really don’t understand why they put those stupid borders around the buttons like this one already looks I think better because it still has the white background but you don’t see it because it blends in with the background. So okay, nothing special here. We have the same kind of like texture, but this time it’s with a different color. Actually, let me see how it’s implemented that data on their

Andrej Zito

URL. Yeah, it’s an image and it’s also a JPEG is that what you would use these days and JPEG Okay, where were we here? Okay, so this one we changed this maybe I should read the bag because I also attended everywhere so let me refresh Okay, so we were here good last articles when she normally say ladies articles anyway, so this is I assume this is WordPress loss articles. Okay, so we have the images, which for some reason are not consistent. I have no idea why. So you can see here this image ends here. This one and zero this one looks more like 16

Andrej Zito

to nine, and this one is here is because the the images are a different ratio, I don’t understand. It’s very confusing because then if you want to read the title as you’re reading the title, it’s down to up and then down again. So it’s very, very odd. Right? And also, I don’t know, think like, why is this thing not? Well, and this thing is bought? I don’t understand very weird. What is the last article from last articles from June 27 2022? Okay, so that’s more than half year, right? And then the one before is from March 18. Oh, gosh. Alright. So I think if you want to add your blog here on the homepage, sure. But if your latest article is from more than half a year ago, it kind of like makes me wonder whether you’re still active in the business. Well, you can be still active in the business, but maybe you’re just blogging but it’s still I don’t know, raises some questions to potential customers, I would say a customized translation or for whatever translation blah, blah, blah, directly provide a fully customized solution, customized translation offer. Okay, I didn’t know you can customize translation. Alright, this to me looks like it should have some sort of a CTA, I still don’t understand why is the customized like, what is the difference between the from the default translation and the customized? It’s one of our recurring, I don’t understand this section looks nice per commitment or assets are at your disposal of professionals, individuals, we are at your side, only thing. That’s what is nice. And the only thing that kind of like breaks the pattern is that here you have pretty much in every paragraph, you have something in bold here as well, here. It’s only the last one. Otherwise, it looks okay. I think it’s still pretty readable because of the whitespace. Although normally maybe I would say that it’s too much text in one place. But okay, reference. So Laura, Laura. So this looks good on her references. I don’t want to see right now. It’s funny that the link is a few references. But this is fine. Of course. Obviously, if you have testimonials from actual clients, it’s better than just putting the logos and here we have the footer translation agency number one in France. Okay. If you say so, work for something that I have initially like legal notice there. K we have a typo here. Not very good. And here we have one more free quote call to action. I wonder why the the jaw scream or something? Why the link doesn’t show up. But it actually leads to website. It’s not a pop up. Okay, is weird. All right, copyright 2023. All right, at least the year is up to date. So that is my review of try to think on a scale of one to five with five being the best one, I would say this is this is a two three would be let’s say slightly better than average. Maybe. So yeah. Trotec gets to for me, I hope this was useful to you. And we’ll be back with more reviews of LSP websites in the next month. Bye

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