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What Is Localization Project Management About – Gaya Saghatelyan From HubSpot

What is localization project management all about and what is your responsibility as a project manager? Gaya Saghatelyan from HubSpot will explain it to us.

Andrej Zito 

So, project management.

Gaya Saghatelyan 


Andrej Zito 

What, what is project management for you? I’ve mentioned that several times, whenever I have the chance that to me, many people still think that project management is about moving files, here and there and left and right file management in sending emails. So hopefully, that’s not your case. So what is project management for you?

Gaya Saghatelyan 

So, I think project management, of course, is composed of the technical aspects of project management and file moving, it is part of the technical aspects of being able to carry out certain project management processes, project, file moving can be part of that. But I, alongside those technical skills that you have, as a project manager, I also feel that the the biggest contribution you can have as a project manager is bringing in the big picture view and displaying leadership skills that are going to bring seemingly disconnected projects together, and to show the big picture to multiple stakeholders. Especially, if you’re working in a large organization where there are different teams working on different things at the same time. In localization, we have the huge advantage that we interface with all of these teams. This is a localization project manager. The biggest value you can bring is to see those patterns and to connect the dots. So, you know, say one, say the marketing team is working on particular, a particular tool. And you see that there’s also something being developed in the product that could be complementary to that. Bringing these different stakeholders to the to the table and helping them work together is a very important contribution that you can have as a localization project manager. And that’s how I view my role. So the technical aspect, of course, I’m always going to be the project manager who’s responsible for creating a schedule, who’s responsible for creating the work breakdown structure and all those things that must happen. But what’s important to me is making sure that the work that I’m doing is in line with a greater company vision and this is a little bit idealistic as well, but that’s just me. I just see a greater purpose in the work that I do or at least I like to see a greater purpose in it. So to me that, that that big picture and bringing that to the table is very important.

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