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Who Are Stakeholders In Localization – Senem Konuklu from Sony

Who are your stakeholders in a localization project/program and what is stakeholder management about? Senem Konuklu from Sony will explain it to us.

Andrej Zito 

Who do you consider stakeholders?

Senem Konuklu 

Well, I consider everyone involved, everything involved in a project or in a program, I consider a stakeholder. I even consider my manager as a stakeholder. Because there can be many definitions of stakeholder management, but what is, what it is, for me is effective communication. What I mean is that getting to know the people, the teams involved in a project, getting to know their roles, their expectations, their impact, and according to, accordingly, you’ll set the tone for communication. And it can even follow that will decide when to communicate, what to communicate, how to communicate. For example, the level of detail I share with a senior stakeholder is limited, a high level, whereas the technical teams, I get into detail and share the whole story. Somehow, by creating this communication channel and giving regular updates, I think it’s at the heart of stakeholder management. And I gave an example that my manager should also be updated about everything about the issues, about the mistakes that I did, so my plan to mitigate those mistakes, mistakes, etc. So even she can be considered a stakeholder to me.

Andrej Zito 

Do you do you see yourself as a center of all these different communications and you’re just, let’s say passing the right message, the right channel, so that everybody’s updated?

Senem Konuklu 

Yes. Yes. Well, sometimes I have the role of a communication bridge between business and technical teams. So I need to translate business expectations. And I also, in return, need to translate the technical perspective or the technical details to the business. So I can consider myself at the heart of communication. So then, the localization is the question.

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