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Localization Project Manager

A localization project manager is the glue that holds every project together. Learn your future responsibilities and the role by actually doing the job.

From scoping projects to creating budgets and schedules, you’ll be managing two simulated projects to test your new knowledge. All under the guidance of seasoned professionals.


This course will provide the practical training you need to get your career as a localization engineer off to a fast start.

Learn how to create the bridge between translation and tech. You’ll complete two simulated projects on your own – taking digital assets apart and putting them together for local markets.


We’ll train you to become skilled as a localization tester. You’ll learn about testing various products for defects and how to report these issues.

Ultimately, you’ll ensure that the quality of a project always meets a client’s expectations. Go from zero to skilled in content and UI testing, and complete two simulated projects from start to finish.

A smarter way of learning

Open your door to the world of localization. Develop a solid foundation for your localization career in the shortest time possible through real-world projects.

Project-based, active learning

You don’t like too much theory… and neither do we! Gain valuable industry experience through hands-on training that includes practical knowledge and real-world projects. All before applying for your first job!

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Save time and money

After just five weeks, you will have a solid foundation to launch your localization career. It doesn’t have to take years and cost a fortune! Our localization courses are designed for anyone, no experience needed.

You’re in good hands

Led by seasoned and successful localization experts, our courses are available online for anyone. Be part of our Discord community and continue your growth even after the courses.

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Ready to kickstart your career? Then sign up for a localization course now, and start learning smarter through active training and practical experience. You’ll save time and money while tapping into the knowledge of seasoned industry experts.

Localization Academy for companies

Young employees are the future of your company. That’s why we partner with progressive companies looking for junior talent. Hire smarter, save money, do good.

Whether you have a specific position to fill or need to create a talent pipeline, we’ll help you discover the people who will fit into your team.

Free localization resources

What’s new in the world of localization? Explore our library of insightful podcasts, videos, and more. It’s a great way to start and enrich your localization career.