The education system sucks

More than $1,700,000,000,000. That’s the size of student debt in the US alone. Millions of young people start their adult life with a pressure to pay off their loans. Is this the best way how to integrate the youth into society?!

And even if you’re not from the US, there’s another problem with the traditional education system — it’s slow, rigid, and not very practical. You waste years studying things you won’t need, only to discover that your dream job is not what you had imagined. Ouch!

But we get it. A shiny degree opens doors to employers… at least that’s what you think based on the job requirements. So you feel like having a degree is your best chance to become successful.

We want to change that

The reality is that a degree doesn’t demonstrate how you learn, think, and perform. A few companies know this already. Our goal is to find them… and to teach the other companies that degrees don’t matter when it comes to hiring talent. 

At the same time, we’re creating modern and practical online courses for the next generation of localization professionals. Inspired by lean startup methodology, we want to give our students the opportunity to learn and experience new jobs — faster and cheaper.

Combine the two and you’ll get what we’re about. We prepare young people for a successful localization career and connect them with the right companies. We want to create a world where it’s about your talent and what you can do, rather than where you come from and what college you went to.

Meet Andrej

Hey, I’m Andrej and I founded Localization Academy. Growing up in Slovakia, I used to be a good student… until the age of 10. Then my marks started getting worse. “Like what’s the point of memorizing all the historical dates?!” – it didn’t make any sense to me. Unfortunately, my mom didn’t see it that way.

When I was 19, I got my first job. A Czech company called Moravia gave me a chance. They were doing something about… localization. I had no idea what it was but I learned everything on the go. Thanks to my job, I was able to stand on my own feet quite early on. Eighteen years later, I’m still in the industry. You may know me from posting (inappropriate) content on LinkedIn, hosting podcasts, doing YouTube videos, or teaching an online course. Trust me — I don’t have a degree for any of that.

College is not for everyone. Not having a degree shouldn’t mean you’re less or that you won’t find the job you love. I wish the world would finally wake up and realize it. It’s time for localization to be the source of change and lead the way for other industries.

Do you see the world as we do?

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