Localization Project Manager Course

Learn the foundations of project management and get job-ready skills with our localization course. Discover what the job is really about, all under the guidance of a seasoned industry professional.

“This course is extremely to the point and hands-on and will be very helpful for localization PM newbies and experienced project managers looking to "switch sides" alike. I truly enjoyed the assignments and live feedback. This course is an invaluable resource with a great mission!”

Alexandra Ragazhinskaya

United States

“As a fresh graduate, my goal was to have some basic knowledge to start applying to junior PM positions. Thanks to this course, I've just landed my first PM role. Because of the things I've learned through the course I had an easier time to learn the work and "solve" the exercises they gave me as a test.”

Roxana Varga


“This course brings value to everyone interested in taking their first steps into the localization world. I would recommend it especially to those interested in shifting their career because it will offer a real experience and will help you decide if this path is fit and right for you.”

Ardita M. Gjeçi


“The Localization Project Manager Course is one of the best courses I’ve attended so far. Andrej makes sure you understand every single step by providing you with all the information you need as a beginner. Moreover, he makes you learn in an active way to prove you actually got how to deal with specific tasks.”

Asia Polo


“As someone new to the industry, I found this course quite welcoming and insightful. The videos and assignments are short and to the point, but most of all, they are based on practical knowledge. Make sure to take notes, or pin them, as they can be part of your onboarding at a Localization company.”

Anna Cabrera


“The course was quite demanding but well-organized, which made the learning process enjoyable and pretty smooth. It was the best introduction to PM I could imagine, I am happy to continue this journey and I hope I'll make use of all the things Andrej tried to teach me :D”

Milena Lis


“If you are a hands-on person who believes learning by doing is the best way to learn, this is the perfect course for you. With practical assignments that ensure concepts are not just understood but applied, it is a great chance to grasp the project management side of localization!”

Vanessa Klint


“The LPM course structure was meticulously designed, and the emphasis on practical application allowed me to put my skills to the test immediately. I wholeheartedly endorse the LPM course to anyone seeking a robust and practical foundation in this field.”

Alessandra Venditti


“The course was very clear and effective, straight to the point and at the same time very thorough. I also had an opportunity to practically put in use all the theoretical knowledge doing many practical assignments and exercises. It was like working on a real project using the skills gained in the course.”

Bojana Pajic


“Whether you’re new or a seasoned professional in localization, this course is a great addition to your skillset. The course stands out from others because you are in contact with the instructor during the learning journey, making it more personalized.”

Andrej Novak


“This was a well-structured course, with extremely clear and effective lessons that allow you to immediately start putting into practice what you've been learning. It's a precious resource for anyone interested in Localization Project Management.”

Federico Pansa


“This course is straight-forward, well-structured and instructions are easy to follow. You get to share a social space with Andrej and other students – a great way to check if you understand an issue correctly or get help if you get stuck with one of the tasks.”

Kateřina Perháčová

Czech Republic

About the course

Your journey as a localization project manager begins by learning the fundamentals. We’ll teach you every aspect of planning and executing a project. This is a self-paced online course that doesn’t require any previous experience! 

At the end you'll be able to:

72 lessons

Learn the essentials from the comfort of your home and at your own pace. We have 6 hours of training material spread over 10 modules. ​

14 assignments

You learn best by doing. Go from simple to more challenging assignments as you progress. You'll also have a 30-day license for Phrase.​

1 community

Become a member of our online community on Discord. Meet other students, get support and continue learning even after you finish our course.

Meet your instructor

Andrej Zito

Hey, I’m Andrej! I started my localization career when I was 19 and learned pretty much everything on the job. I believe you can do the same – we learn best by rolling up our sleeves and doing the job. That’s why I started Localization Academy after 17 years in the industry.

I worked as a project/program manager for the biggest part of my career. I’m here to share my experience from both the client and vendor side so that you can also enjoy a successful and rewarding career in localization.

In my free time, I climb, dance, and play games. I’m not your typical stuffy-suit industry veteran — there will be lots of smiles and stories… and probably a little swearing!


Invest in your growth and discover a job that pays $77,000 on average in the US.

Course only

Learn the basics of project management and see if this career is for you.


+ tax

Add certification

Earn your course certificate by completing a set of final assignments to prove you got it.

+ $100.00

Frequently asked questions

Do I need any prior knowledge to start the LPM course?

Nope, we’ll teach you everything you need to know from scratch. All you need is a reliable internet connection, a computer… and some good coffee helps too!

Do you issue a certificate for completing the course?

Yes, our course comes with certification (see sample). But you'll need to earn it by submitting the final assignments. Watching the videos is not enough... you're in this to learn something, right? 😉

What type of job will a localization course help me to get?

Typically, our graduates go on to find a position as junior localization project managers or project coordinators.

Can my company pay for the course?

Absolutely! Your company can use their credit or debit card to pay for your course. Please don't forget to enter your company's tax information during checkout on Stripe. You'll get an invoice and a receipt right after making the purchase.

What is the course format?

If you've ever taken a Udemy course, you'll feel at home. You will encounter structured video lessons and assignments. We also have a community platform on Discord where you can engage with other students and instructors.

What TMS do you use for the course?

We use one of the most popular platforms Phrase. You'll have a license during your participation in the course.

I’m working/studying. Will I have time for this?

Absolutely. We've recently made the course fully self-paced, so you can take as much time as you need to get through the lessons and do your assignments. There's no expiration date on your access to the course.

Will I be able to get a job with your certificate?

We don't guarantee that you'll get a job right at the end of your course. There are many factors that affect whether you get hired or not. 


Our main goal is to help you discover what it's like to work as a localization project manager and give you an advantage when looking for a job.

Should I first work as a translator before pursuing PM career?

A lot of our students come from a translation background. It certainly helps if you have a personal experience from "the other side", but you don't need to be a translator in order to become a good localization project manager. 


Our instructor Andrej has never done any translation (for the sake of everyone). And he did fairly well when it comes to managing projects 🙂