Localization Engineer Course

Go from zero to engineering various types of projects. Learn the basics with our localization course and discover what the job is really about. All under the guidance of a seasoned industry professional.

“This well-structured course offers detailed insights into what a Localisation Engineer deals with on a daily basis. Carlos has been super helpful and responsive throughout. Whether you aspire to be a Localisation Engineer or a project manager interested in the technical side of localisation, this course is for you!”

Eileen Wong

United Kingdom

“This course was great to go through! The lessons are very thorough and well-paced. I learned things that could have made my life much easier at work and even complicated concepts were made simple. It's pretty rewarding that the exercises can be challenging, it helps you make sure nothing will be forgotten easily. Thank you, Carlos!”

Cláudio Porto Ribeiro


“As a team leader at a well-known localization company, I found the Engineering Localization course to be exceptionally well designed and comprehensive. This curse should be a must for anyone starting the fascinating role of Localization Engineering. Congratulations!”

Jose Fernandes


“I was really pleased to find this course offering! Carlos is a very knowledgeable, easy-to-follow instructor who made all the concepts and assignments feel manageable. This has given me great foundational knowledge as a new LE, and I would recommend to anyone else in the field looking to expand their technical skills!”

Madelyn Ratzky

United States

“As a project manager, I really profited from learning what's going on in the "background". While the course is rather intense, it doesn't require any previous knowledge. I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to broaden their knowledge of the various l10n aspects.”

Alzbeta Kner


“A well-organised learning journey to the “behind the scenes” of l10n, where every technicality is explained with utmost care. Carlos’ prompt responsiveness and willingness to provide not only personalised feedback but also valuable tips, greatly enriched the knowledge I gained.”

Foteini Tontikidou


“This is the one and only l10n engineering course you can find online and a quality one you don't want to miss. Carlos is an amazing instructor and I've learned soooo much. Through this course, you'll be a regex pro and will not afraid of any common file types in the localization world!”

Libra Boai Li

United States

“This course offers a great introduction to the role of the LE. If you want to better understand what happens behind the scene of the translation process and dive deeper into technical aspects such as file preparation, regular expressions, parsing, file management and automation, this course is the right place to start.”

Marzio Colombi


“Everything about this course is excellent! Carlos is not only knowledgeable, but also very friendly instructor. I have enrolled to broaden my parsing skills, but I got so much more. If you like technical side of localization, don’t miss it. This is probably the best online loc course out there.”

Milica Stamenković


“Carlos is a great teacher who explains everything really well, and the assignments throughout the course were designed to really put to test your understanding of the previous lessons. I received full support throughout, and am looking forward to being part of a community to carry on learning more.”

Chloé Shardlow


About the course

This course teaches you the technical skills and knowledge needed to start in the field of localization engineering. It’s a self-paced online course that doesn’t require any previous experience!

Illustration of a happy student after taking localization courses
At the end you'll be able to:

177 lessons

Learn the essentials from the comfort of your home and at your own pace. We have more than 14 hours of training material spread over 14 modules. ​

31 assignments

You learn best by doing. Go from simple to more challenging assignments as you progress. Discover and learn to use many helpful tools.​

1 community

Become a member of our online community on Discord. Meet other students, get support and continue learning even after you finish our course.

Meet your instructor

Photo of localization instructor Carlos García Gómez

Carlos García Gómez

Hey, I’m Carlos! I have 7+ years of experience working in the technology department of different language service providers such as Donnelley Language Solutions, SDL plc, and Vistatec. My role as a Software Localization Engineer put me in charge of technical-related duties on software, website, and e-learning projects with some of the largest brands and companies in the world.

When I’m not working, I love to stay active with sports, read, game, and watch movies and TV shows. But my true passion is traveling and learning about new cultures – and of course, spending time with my loved ones.


Invest in your growth and discover a job that pays $95,000 on average in the US.

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Learn the basics of localization engineering and see if this career is for you.


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Add certification

Earn your course certificate by completing the final assignment to prove you got it.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need any prior knowledge to start the LE course?

While it's not strictly required, being familiar with basic localization terminology helps a lot. If you're completely new to translation/localization, we recommend starting with the free Introduction To Localization course.

Do I have to know any programming language?

Absolutely not! This is a common misconception that localization engineers need to code. They don't... although having some programming background certainly helps.

Do you issue a certificate for completing the course?

Yes, our courses come with certification (see sample). But you'll need to earn it by submitting the final assignment. Watching the videos is not enough... you're in this to learn something, right? 😉

How much time do I have to complete the course?

The course is designed to be self-paced, allowing you to progress at your own speed. Although the content is organized into "Days" (like Day 1, Day 2, etc.), these are simply modules and do not require completion within a specific number of days. 

Can I buy the certification later after finishing just the course?

Yes, you can still purchase the certification even after completing the main course.

What software or tools are needed for the course?

You'll be introduced to several tools in the course, and we'll guide you through each. All tools are either free or offer a free trial. However, many are Windows-specific, so ensure you have access to one.

I have a Mac. Can I still participate?

Absolutely! If you have a Mac, one solution is to use Boot Camp to install Windows on your machine. Alternatively, you can consider borrowing a friend's Windows PC or using a work computer.


However, if you're really hesitant about using Windows, please email us. We're considering creating a Mac-friendly version of the course based on demand.

Can my company pay for the course?

Absolutely! Your company can use their credit or debit card to pay for your course. Please don't forget to enter your company's tax information during checkout on Stripe. You'll get an invoice and a receipt right after making the purchase.

What is the course format?

If you've ever taken a Udemy course, you'll feel at home. You will encounter structured video lessons and assignments. We also have a community platform on Discord where you can engage with other students and instructors.