Language Quality Manager Course

Go from zero to managing linguistic quality on different projects. Learn the basics with our localization course and discover what the job is really about. All under the guidance of a seasoned industry professional.

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“Olga is an excellent instructor and was always happy to answer our questions. I found the practical part very useful to make sure I was understanding the theoretical part and to put the knowledge into practice. I really recommend this course to anyone interested in learning more about the quality side of localization.”

María José Martín


“Great crash-course in LQA Management! The content was well-structured, comprehensive, and based on real hands-on experience. As a result, I feel confident in my ability to apply the various skills and strategies I learnt in this course to different aspects of my professional life.”

Karine Brière


“I highly recommend the LQM course. It was insightful and very well-prepared, covering all essential areas in language quality management. What's more, Olga's hands-on approach made it very practical – I was able to apply what I learned immediately in my daily work.”

Maja Kosiol


“The Quality Management course was detailed and insightful! It helps broaden my view on quality management in localization as well as introduces the common practices in the localization industry. If you are interested in Quality Management in Localization, I would recommend this course as an introduction to LQM.”

Sherlyn Pay


“A very interesting introductory course on LQM, detailed, and interactive. Olga's input both during the sessions and on our individual work was super-valuable, she is very attentive and supportive; I found her insights to be of great help in strengthening some concepts.”

Natalia Harreguy


“This course really helped me to understand the role of quality management in a localisation process. I loved how interactive it was and the in-depth content!”

Justine Uribe

United Kingdom

About the course

This course teaches you the critical role linguistic quality plays in successful localization projects. Join the second cohort for an intensive Zoom training that requires no prior experience!

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At the end you'll be able to:

10 sessions

Learn the fundamentals in 2 weeks from the comfort of your home. Meet with your group and the instructor Monday to Friday. ​

10+ assignments

You learn best by doing. Go from simple to more challenging assignments as you progress through the course.

1 opportunity

This live training is a unique, one-time event. Participants will also receive access to the on-demand version of the course.

Meet your instructor

Jan Nohovec

Hey, I’m Jan! I’ve worked in quality management for the past 7+ years on various levels in RWS (both former Moravia and SDL) as well as in Argos Multilingual. On top of that, I’m a translator and language enthusiast by making, but I also enjoy teaching a lot. That’s why I stayed in touch with my alma mater by teaching there occasionally and also why L10n academy invited me to collaborate on leading the quality management course.

Outside of work, I like to keep myself busy. I write book reviews on fantasy and science fiction literature, play board games and for many years I used to do fire dancing. I also take care of my ever-growing number of house plants and if I want to completely disconnect, I hit the nature to do some hiking.


Invest in your growth and discover a job that pays $91,000 on average in the US.

Live course

Learn the basics of quality management and see if this career is for you.


Frequently asked questions

When is the course going to be available?

The live course with Jan will start in Q2 2024.

Do I need any prior knowledge to start the LQM course?

Nope, we’ll teach you everything you need to know from scratch. All you need is a reliable internet connection, a computer… and some good coffee helps too!

What will be the course format?

Join a select group of students in daily, live interactive Zoom sessions with the instructor. We also offer a community platform on Discord for further engagement and discussion outside of class.

Will you issue a certificate for completing the course?

Yes, our course will come with a certification. But you'll need to earn it by submitting the final assignments. Attending Zoom meetings is not enough... you're in this to learn something, right? 😉