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In every translation project, there would be a lot of back and forth communication with your co-workers and the client themselves. This is why establishing a working system to keep track of the files and the progress you’ve made is important. Find out how translation management systems glue all the components of translation- from individual string translations, automated translation, and even the delivery itself.

What is a translation management system? Translation management system or TMS is a platform where you get to manage everything related to translation so that you don’t have to do it through email. 

To give you an example, let’s say a client wants you to do something with a couple of project files. What you do is you actually move these files into the translation management platform. This platform or system can then be accessed by translators and reviewers, and they get to do their own thing in the TMS right away. They can translate in the platform itself, or download the files and do their work offline then upload it back to the TMS to get reviewed. This also means that the translation management system has to have components like TM, support for glossaries, and it can also integrate with other “computers” to use AI or machine translation.

At the end of this process, you can get the final localized high quality files that you don’t have to deliver back to the client if they have access to the TMS itself. 

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