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Will AI Eliminate Localization Jobs?

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Can the progress in AI make some localization jobs obsolete? 💀 We asked our favorite juniors — Wiktoria, Nicole, Abril, İlker, and Anastasiia — if they feel threatened by AI. How do you feel?

Wiktoria Agnyziak 

Right now from my point of view, I see it more like an accessory, like something that could be useful on the side, that could be helpful, you know, AI won’t really be able to take my job away, because I didn’t really think that a client would want to speak to a robot, you know, any type of client, they will really rather there be a person speaking to them and taking care of stuff? I think so No, but you know,

Nicole Anne Araullo 

It’s everywhere. Now. I see it everywhere. But um, no, I’m not certain. But ai ai tools have been emerging left and right. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it is already used or will be used to assist in localization and translation efforts. But still, I think that machine translation is far from achieving what human translation can do, can probably scour through different sources to find translation theories and vocabularies, and use them to come up with usable and decent translations. But I actually doubt that AI will have enough cultural awareness and sensitivity. And most importantly, do you have an experience to translate meanings in full, without missing important nuances may be able to translate, but localize I doubt and even if the day comes, a becomes capable of doing that,

Abril Ughetti 

I think it’s great. At the beginning of the month, I attended a translation and translation Congress here in where I live in Gaza, it was all about AI rationales talk about it, and show different ways in which they incorporated AI into their daily work. And I think we should embrace it and see it as a tool, not something that is going to replace us today, I saw LinkedIn posts that like brilliant threatened about AI, is like, for an accountant feel threatened by the calculator, it made sense to me, because it’s, it’s true, like calculators haven’t replaced accountants, for example, I don’t think they’re going to replace us, I think we should start learning how to use them. The same happened with machine translation. When it first came up, it was the end of the word for translators, or, or people in the industry, I was still young, but they have told me, and now it’s something we’re using a lot. And we have transformed our way of doing things in order to income Incorporated, and it’s working.

İlker Erverdi 

And technology will always keep on moving. And you’ll always have to adapt in a way or another. I’m a very adaptable person. That’s why I become a PM, actually. So I don’t think that I will take my job away, because if it does, I’ll probably try to find the solution to that. I mean, try to use AI in a way that I can create another job for myself. So I don’t feel threatened, threatened by it. And I use it all the time as well. I mean, in our work line using AI is kinda limited, as you know, because like NDAs, and stuff like that, even MT is really prohibited by too many companies, because they are in day in, day out and like privacy leakages, risks. But in my personal life, in my own studies, I use too much forever technology. If you don’t know how to use technology, or internet or stuff like that, you’re probably more prone to risks than other people, because you just go in it and get lost, you probably can’t find what you’re looking for, you’ll just be gone. But if you’re if you’re used to doing your own research and fact checking everything, you’ll just

Anastasiia Laktionova

Be a little worried. Because, you know, at this point, you don’t really know what’s next, you know, what to expect? And, you know, before that, it was like, yeah, the technologies are, you know, slowly developing, going to just help us do our jobs be more efficient, and I was quite, you know, I didn’t really feel that it was threatening any of our jobs. But now it’s kind of, Okay, what’s next maybe in you know, another year they develop something which we couldn’t really expect, at this point. So the, like, the idea of, you know, new tools appearing, which we now don’t really, you know, even understand what they could do for us. It’s a bit a bit scary, but I think, yeah, one thing for sure, is, as long as we can learn, and stay on top of the technologies and understand how we can utilize them to just, you know, improve productivity and efficiency in our rules is going to be okay. We just have to learn to work with these new technologies. As long as we can do that. I think we will be fine

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