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String or Segment

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Was this content helpful?

Translating everything all at once is simply not the way to go. Find out the importance of doing everything one at a time – or technically, one string at a time.

What is a string? A string or a segment is basically one sentence in a paragraph. Let’s head to the homepage of TikTok where we see their mission statement as an example.

‘TikTok is a leading destination for short form mobile video. Our mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy.’ We see this as one paragraph, but this paragraph consists of two sentences, or two strings.

The first sentence ‘Tiktok is a leading destination for short form mobile video.’ would be the first string, and the proceeding sentence ‘Our mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy’ is the second string. Once a translator gets this statement for translating, they would go through translating this string by string or segment by segment instead of translating the whole paragraph all at once. 

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