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AI Translator Comparison: Testing Bard Vs ChatGPT In Japanese

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Immerse yourself in the exciting world of AI translators as we test Bard and ChatGPT, comparing their abilities to translate our ‘About Us’ page into Japanese.

Our friend Kanoko helps us navigate this exploration, as we aim to decipher which AI translator manages to master the nuances and intricacies of the Japanese language best.

the press sentence is too casual, like when you say something to children to tivity it’s fine. There should be a better way to say, but it’s fine. The first pop up the chat TV when again, looks better again. TV 81 looks better. But boasts of possession and problem about wording. Maybe the word rigid is too difficult or the translation doesn’t make sense. And also that last word, Bharat one is just say heart, not very natural. And the other handed the chat TPT one looks much better and natural. Also. Not very nice. But up to one is better. For me. The first sentence is almost say and the second sentence that bad one doesn’t make sense to me. It’s dialect three translated that part. It sets employers door it doesn’t understand what it means. Yeah, the chat Stevie T’s plan did the same thing. But wording is better, but still not very authentic. Yeah. Back to the last one. The last sentence the chat CBTs one is missing. A subject feels very weird. I mean, you Yes. Bard is better. Yes. Only for Alaska was the first. Yeah, yes, the bad one is sentence. And that one has object again. So we want to change that. But this one is again missing the subject want to change that said it depends on the context. But maybe in this case, I think part one is better. Or it’s one is better. Some are the other is very bad. Chad TPTs van is again, like more natural, but only the last sentence is weird. And bar one. Yeah, it doesn’t sound very natural. But the last one first and the cheaper. I play for the part one. Yeah, especially the sentence. One study group. We want to create a word. It’s a directory translated, it doesn’t understand the nuance or a sentence. So in Japanese, it’s not a good sentence. Yeah, as a whole, like TPTs one is better, like natural. Yeah, the chips. It is not it’s cool for that. Not exactly. It works. So what is BB do? J and J and Ray. So that’s good.

Yes. Translated localization kind of? Yes. Yeah. It’s basically the same Japanese English I think both acceptable that sometimes we did like this when they use the original word. Sometimes we do that it called Kana Yeah. Again, to see if it is fun is much better on me in a bad one. The question doesn’t make sense. And also, the next sentence. It didn’t make any sense to me. It says, I don’t have any meaning. But in that same sentence, Chad’s TP, he did a good job. Yeah, only this sentence is better. The other part, especially the second sentence, yeah, it’s mistake. So everything besides the question is better with GPT. Yes. Natural or not natural. It’s not natural. I don’t know makes two torrents.

Yeah, it doesn’t look very professional writing. It makes sense.

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