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AI Translator Showdown #2: Claude Vs GPT-4 (English To Slovak)

I explored the world of AI translators with Claude and put it to the test against the popular ChatGPT-4. In this video, I’ll translate our About Us page into Slovak! Which tool translated the nuances better?

Watch the whole video for more than 20 examples and direct comparisons.

You are the world’s best Slavic translator 1010 1010 10 execution systems ox count statistics so this will be one let’s see what this one does. Computers are working for me. So first thing education system sucks Zilla T system let me hope we’re it translates back as is not sufficient doesn’t suffice. Claude did that education system is getting worse so technically both of them changed it I’m not sure if it’s because they didn’t want to translate the word sack but I think we had the word education system sex translated better before which was more casual. Who has a call blah blah blah. As a courtesy says though aro rubbish questions keto Eber was taco pizza wish STUDENTS Good Dog lens poor and each dark I prefer really in love with these generic displays you click on spots in your post check meet anybody who is a genius with those big words come split it pours each key equal it allows the analogies possible to integrate muddy the sport trusty you thought analogy suppose because I changed majors those fortunately, I like I get difficult as it is with traditional geologists Temodar she problem you Pomo in your provisioning I never only practice key I can use this USA tradition usati system my Delphi problem he OMalley that he give me a new velmi practice key like the only difference is rigid, which here is using the word regedit I’m not sure about that new progeny is like not flexible so I guess they’re both okay even though I never heard this word. So that’s the Turkish studio with seek thermoneutral Bucha lab is to this division shall be similar products and new team just disappear it’s totally Rakesh to do a basic thorough nipple instability patrol Atlanta Mr. System Asia Russia receive an apparatus and yet a cargo separate solely. I think I like Kulob more. This seems to be more TGP does translation seems to be more sticking to the English through like you’re wasting years studying things that you will not need. And this is like for years or so you’re going to study things that you will not need. So in a way I think it sounds better. Focus that’s so out here is out. That’s great. That’s good. This is a bullet on it’s and never heard that expression. To me that expression seems more like check. I think it would translate to English something like what a bomber or something I don’t know. But we get it by we get it so GLAAD edit the word. Let’s go to the point where it was a miss knowledge below a sponsored message and as I call it, push it out. Let’s quickly do one or two are at very zammis Now like cellomom Sprintax, emissivity and Zachary pajetta Ligna platinum yester I hear prefer to GPT it’s again, the the the door to the employers is that they’re one whereas it’s opens doors to employers. So GPD set opens door force at employers clawed sets this this seems like opens doors to the employers so the meaning is different. So this one is wrong I would say mighty Portage in much detail irrational attrition says that’s especially in rhythm it puts the GMAT to a Russian lecture chances that’s especially the main difference here is this one this is basically because because of that you have a feeling word that’s why this one doesn’t have it so I think like this one connects better to the previous sentence so caught we want to change it takes them at the switch same everywhere but out there the cash deploy new because we could pretty much shut the corner relative to cash deploy new because we OTJ mistreated applied switch. This one says how you learn how you think and how you act. This one just says how you are you learn think and act. I think both of them are okay. Equilibrium. Same machine to me nice allows a certain sport plasticity to printable tanto neared velocity sounds good. I should still be nice. And I wish it started as portunus tissue pre pre monitor and deployment deployment ism and I will niche This one says GPT teach our company is the degree doesn’t is not important when it comes to hiring talent. This one says when hiring talents, the degrees mean nothing. I don’t like this part of the year. degrees mean nothing in Slovak I don’t like it so I prefer church so I thought I’m a modern practice care model and I practice common courtesy pay Joe Sugarman ROTC Albany Kona local results you want that and I practice going like cuisipro Nauvoo so this is the next generation and this is the new generation. What an economical is It’s you It’s the same you could only metal the metal though lean startup seminar some students on that motionless refresh our inches or teach a school shed nowhere persona opposites. Yeah, I don’t like that. Each bit only metal dico lean startup summit that Nashim student and provisional Uzzah Scotia Nova Prato Namie esta that equation was an issue. I think this one sticks more to the English faster and cheaper and I actually exploit it or better understand it it touches my company which Oberoi as this DJ EJ I like this one more So this one says and you’ll get what we are this one is you’ll find out what we are about so called for sure reprogramming lobby hoodie was pretty new career worker is at C span extremists problem if you remind me reprogram rebooting especially carrier locality as power exists planning if you don’t make the same so maybe to switch the video watch don’t auto to the cache. A new article precocity and actress ghost the Holy Spirit works with the adversity Barstow and actually the crash ha Nami Soto okay care college coach Kosta Khojaly I think GPT sounds better to me. Meet Andre so it’s not just as Andre Holmes posted it on there I think this one is better this is like get to know Andre This is meet Andre oh boy some hungry as always do some work that is actually academia oh it’s Monday as legit somewhat position Academy came here they get to the English so I think cloth wins. Get some rest on a solid school some who student don’t wish the GCSE Rocco get some of us are Muslim and scoobo Santo British student though equidistantly Hiroko think they are more or less equal? slightly prefer cloth what are some ways napkins actually horseshoe which put them somewhere is not because actually horseshoe at the same naturally as the permata run you should key history it’s key that two more natural memory what should key store it’s good to me. I think here should GPT definitely. This is like why memorize or historical dates. And this one is what is the point of remembering all the historical dates. But I’m not an interval was me so anything that was missing same? What was your boy mama to talk to new Angela? Why mama to bourgeois nividia Let Organika I think they’re equal slightly different but I think no preference for me. Get some of the witnesses the sososo approve brats Can you boy the witness the saucer super proud so I think you’re slightly I prefer Claude although it’s really any just gospel which is what Avia Mandela shuns. Discussed FEMA Morava Mandela shuns. So this is the difference in translating company. I for this one but I think again, it doesn’t matter it’s like slight change. So same Robin nature or have them locally though, it’s a really natural localize it I think Chad GPT I like this one. They were doing something about but closer when he says I wouldn’t use this in slug, so I prefer GBT name also on YouTube on youtube I’ll actually because it shows up who you must come to Shinya to to a shit because some so now choose aplicado refer cloth sure that can wait but since a squid a pasta vo you can only practice some score up or struggle novelist no he Nikka to practice on Bokassa what difficulty to practice on the castle score poster with Allah sent away this one is wrong. This even doesn’t make sense it’s missing some work is missing as a target date to practice some PSA though causes corticosteroid now last night so that means GPT even though I don’t like that one either. Awesome awesome guys are gonna score some stuff don’t put other three or some other coin score some stuff don’t operate with the same I don’t like either. Worship was notice priests Bilko naval naval officer who now linked in Otherwise your podcasts or tour will be there in a YouTube video online Kurosu version of our personalities is the neighborhood Nick Facebook Cohen linked in podcasts will be there in our YouTube our boss view channel and online cortisol. So the difference is this one as moderating slash hosting podcast. This one didn’t even use that. So it’s just like you know me from the posts on LinkedIn podcasts. So it’s keep that word. I think it’s not such a big deal if it’s kept it. This one. The What is this inappropriate content on LinkedIn? I think I prefer cloth here more. So I’m going to say it’s the same because it removed the word but this part is better. Trust me better me. New I’m the new store. diplom Virginia, Majid and Tito predicate of it productivity. I like this. So one more. Here’s the difference here. Trust me. This is the light forum. This is the one where it’s more casual talking to one person. Is it consistent everywhere? Where else do I talk to the people? At least that what you think? Is that what you think so you feel like there’s a lot of views here? Whether it be statistically Okay, here it’s formal. Here it’s also formal so here that’s why Yeah, this way this way this struck me so this one here is casual I think for the first time the rest is formal here it’s formal everywhere. So cool all the wins here as well. So crash Colonia breakers do the same version MIT to be numerous No, no just you Hoshi l Bucha an aprotic terminology visionary mighty to be nimble now manage just eliminates any our visionary product Romelu ha This is interesting. So this says that you are worse this one is less valuable the rest is the same where have any preference doors anyway add to minimize damage? I think this this one is actually missing the comma I think the comma here is correct so I’m going to say quote this better can we see Swedish crash with an auto let’s that’s a weird when will the world finally realize this? Yeah, the word order is very much like English this one is primacy I’d be sweet crunchy but about this one back translation is I wish that the world would wake up and realize this so this one is definitely way better and I think it’s even closer. I wish the world would finally wake up and realize yes so quote for sure. You just look like that. See Ebola is throwing arms many Alcazaba assist him out with him. It just be lucky that’s yeah, boys dreams many evade lead system of STUXnet all the way through pa lead system. Because all it says to this is like show the path and this is to lead the way for other but I think this one for me sounds more natural in Slovak. So for the last one should GPT wins for me. That was my first try and first test of cloths which was suggested by someone in the comments on YouTube. If you have more comments and suggestions what I should try when it comes to AI chatbots? Let me know below in the comments. And I’ll give it a go. For now. I guess my summary based on what I remember, I think many times I said the globe was better. So I’m probably pleasantly surprised because until now I was thinking that GPD is the best thing ever. But I guess club did pretty well when it comes to select translation. Maybe it would be interesting to try it on some other technical stuff, like internationalization or creating marketing copy and transcribing you but maybe that’s for some other video. So see you then bye bye

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