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GPT-4 Vs DeepL: AI Translators Compared

We explored the world of AI translation with GPT-4 and put it to the test against DeepL. In this video, we’ll translate our About Us page into Slovak! Which tool translated the nuances better?

Here’s a copy from our About us translated into Slack Okay, here we go. So at this time you know who I want to try deep l zrt system in Nightwatch it’s really nice to see how they translated the first part education system sucks this guy’s the word newbie who eats is very I would say formal niche I think it’s more casual. What about this one? This one is also nine each usually multiple users units with disabilities you would just have a scammy split postage key eternal actually supposed to actually support just pretty good agonist is was attached to our T system Adele she problem you permanently in your progeny and you practice key probably externally Mr. Palicki.

This is I think, a little bit of a nuance the English word says slow rigid and not very practical. So GPD for translated not very practical with just one word, which I think is good, deep owl and Google Translate did the same thing. They said like little practical, which is kind of like not very practical. I think here I would say maybe GPT for grins when RBCs is Delicia Russia we see when our plots and yet occur across disciplines. Oh, I’m not sure about Ouch. Is that how you translate out in Slovak? Maybe I would say Oh, I don’t know. But anyway, to provide one obvious disease to Russia, we seem on our products and yet UK actually spreads on OOF. OOF. Yes, that’s the right. Translation. Oh. Okay. I think for Ouch, I would go with the bell.

I don’t I’m not sure about this phrase. But you understand. That’s where is it? But we get it. Maybe I would say I happen it’ll allow me to compromise. But just a small difference. Let me look up and see this one is where they translated better than GPT for all those who mean matomo is weird. authoriser Mesna. See, this is where it comes to the word order GPT four is opens door to employers the literal same order. This one is opens to the employers the door I think this one sounds better in Slavic. Okay, this is another nuance. So you feel like they translated with with one word. So this basically you feel that having a degree these guys set, so you have a feeling that having a degree is your best chance to be successful. I like DICOM or allows you to certainly reach a diploma yes washi tape prism style and talent though. I’m not sure about this one but I’m not so in touch with slower game more. And also this watches is in attitude as well as you can get on Alberto and Norbert talent.

Realism is now an Italian term. I think this one is better word as a translation for hiring talent is put on the medical sheet like that. Okay, so it translated Lean Startup, literally lean startup. Let’s see if they translated somehow when you start up. So in Czech, it’s still kept in English. Maybe it’s not even translated in this work. But it looks like Czech people didn’t translate Lean Startup, what Google Translate do in Shapiro any metadata coach to startup, okay, this is completely different among all three, inspired by lean startup methodology. So it’s lean startup as a term and methodology after that, so these guys GVD for translated this as literally like starting up something. So it’s not startup, even deep l understood and use plural, so inspired by the methodology of lean startups. So lean is still translated, but I think it’s okay, I think that word might be used in reference to Lean principles and lean methodology and Google Translate said still no startup so this is singular. I think both are acceptable is a boy Lucia. Oh my gosh, this is weird. Combine the two Yeah, this one sounds weird sported data driven see apoco btw Archana media I think this is very good sport you obey understand he or China and India Yes, well I think when you hear those notices unreal Oh, it’s something that a lot of you some localization Academy Okay, so this one was left in English that’s good.

Not on steroids. Now styles Naslund school symbol the boom student on VR style so no slides. This is where it was also weird. So GPD for translated this literally as it is in English. So growing up, the Bell said I grew up which sounds better Google Translate also. I grew up in Slovakia, not sure yours is up AMITA near Schottky street key thermal bottom some ways not because he has short a question I just have one which was funny. This super cool cushy, cushy, not just someone that’s super cool. That’s super cool. I don’t know how to explain this to you guys in English but it’s really something that you would say in the heat of the moment like what the fuck what why? Why am I learning this thing? This one is really bad. Very bad. Give me more dirt so sweet bro perhaps why didn’t finish this happened to me before why you didn’t finish a translation Okay, now it’s continuous. Okay, what is the Apple’s latest release?

Belko you’ve heard of saguna LinkedIn hosting Yeah, podcast though. I’m not sure if this is how you translate hosting a podcast version of Apple’s native Yeah, cuz very new and new neighborhood neighbor opposite Hoonah CH, thin Madero and you see so this guy’s translated hosting podcast as moderating which I think makes more sense voting every day in our to our view Joe and your online quiz. Where me needs to hone in on diplome Okay, so this one there me is trust me and is very friendly way is the rest of the text also translated in the same way? No, I think like the rest of the text is talking to multiple people. This one seems this one is definitely like I’m talking to one person only. So we instantly have to differentiate between talking to one person or multiple. If it was multiple, it would say virtually me and it would still sound friendly, welcoming nudge those still around Tito vermi managed to handyman deployment. This is another important thing. Trust me here is translated as speaking to one person but I think the rest is kind of like speaking to multiple people only deep out got it right would say or maybe they think that this is talking to one person but it’s the polite form of trust me instead of the casual one. So maybe they still think it’s talking to one person?

I don’t know. Did I ever talk about you before this the size of life even if you’re not okay, right here, even if you’re not okay on Yes. J where is it? I can yes this was okay. So this is this is the inconsistency here for GB for and this could be interpreted as either speaking to multiple people or speaking politely one person that you don’t know that much. I don’t know how it’s called in English, but here Trust me, there’s no other interpretation. It’s just speaking to one person casually. So either deep L is talking to multiple people or talking to one person politely but it’s consistent. That’s why it’s better Selby so episode quickship I think this one is missing. Sir. So, febrile means wake up but wake up would normally be I think translated as probability. So I would say it should be always a subconscious so we do see this is the thing i’ll be suspect connections of we do.

That’s the essay that I was telling you that was missing here. But wait a second national mailing list to Abby’s marriage or the alas our business over there. Visually. I will change the order literally change Bachrach. Now, it’s just a nature. Nowhere as about usage. Ah, this is also weird and have fun, too. Yeah. It’s like really translating word by word. Sometimes. Maybe. Okay, maybe a lot of the things that I set some very good is because the order in English and Slovak was the same and it still made sense. In some cases, I think you would need to swap the order.

If I had to do a conclusion. I think I was first. very pleasantly surprised by GPD for but I guess its strength is not in translation. But deep. l think the bell did way better, more nuanced, more consistent, better translation some sometimes. So yeah, I guess that is my conclusion. But the thing is that with GPT, four, you can do a lot more stuff. Although maybe if it’s just about creating, then maybe you would still do a combo of create something in GPT for like, I don’t know, write a copy or something like that. And then have it translated using the bell or whatever you’re using.

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