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How To Get Better Transcreation With ChatGPT 4

Are you looking for transcreation or marketing translation? ChatGPT 4 can help you tremendously. In this video, I’ll show you 3 methods of translating a more creative copy from a landing page.

I created a fictitious brand called lingual Lux and asked GPT to create copy for the hero section. Why? I wanted to see how I can translate a bit more creative text. In this video I’ll show you three different methods of getting the translations and how they compare. But let’s start from the beginning and that was creating the original copy in English. Write a copy for the hearer section. Give me five variations be smart about next thing the world underwear, people working in localization the sub headline should I alight at least three benefits.

After I got my five variations from CIT GBP, I moved them to figma and highlighted the ones I like, with the English copy ready, it was time to start the translation.

My first steps lead to deep L. I did another experiment of translating our About Us page before and it wasn’t even close. I think the bell did way better, more nuanced, more consistent, better translations. So how do they deal with the five copy variations in English? Here are some of my comments after I moved the translations into figma because we just saw your zone upwardly that’s literal translation. I mean, it’s okay dumpskey know how it’s a promotional I actually why is this even here? This thing I don’t understand why it inserted these extra things or where does it come from? Or what the as a composite layer. That’s okay, Musselburgh zoology, Nepali Cish, literal translation, or per word nerds. It didn’t even translate it would not be screaming, just sort of not knowing what let’s embrace this is more like accept. This is very bad. Very bad. Very bad, very bad.

Moving on to method number two, I decided to give GPT another try with the translation. But this time I gave you more specific instructions and a simple Can you translate this into Slavic? But don’t do a word to word translation? Be creative. So then the Select translation sounds like it was really a tip from scratch? Is it somewhat transcribing or no? Because it’s just bizarre. No, it is somewhat trance creating. Localize your comfort zone. And or leave a washroom as it goes sweated? This sounds like comfort in your in your language world here’s section one looks at this bottle sportnet bradlaugh She then a Muriatic cream charging even this one like the language wizards this is the this the English said world’s language wizards deep L this time was very literal. It says world’s language wizards GPT just did language was it but it sounds better which is intercultural reportedly, Britishness I still now have the land proverbs appear to sway a doctrinal spot. In the end, I didn’t highlight as many translations as I initially thought I would based on the first variation, but it still felt that all the translations were better than the ones I got from the Pell. A simple tweak to the prompt may change GPT do something like transgression.

And finally, here’s the third method that I didn’t think about before even though I’m from Slovakia, I mostly talk right and also think in English, but then I thought it maybe I should start talking to check GPT in Slovak and see what it does. And here I was a bit lazy so I decided to translate the English prompt using the PAL and then edit it. So it sounds like I wrote it from scratch relish to serve the beholder. This I think is super good. So this can be translated into English as translate your yourself into convert. The word translate in Slovak means pellergy Teach. But pellergy also has a different meaning which is to move yourself into comfort. So that’s why I think this one is just super good. Super creative over lift casual music This is again nice after it says comfort in every language. The final method, as you can see got me excited the most.

Now to give you the more realistic feeling, I designed a simple hero section and plugged in my preferred copy from each method. This is what you saw in the beginning, even shared it on LinkedIn where everyone said they liked the first version the most. I however, stand by my word. And I do think that the last method is the best. And it produced the most creative headline in my opinion. But I was just at the boho LEA is just smart with dual meaning of getting into convert, but also hinting at the word translation in Slavic.

Now what this means for the industry? Well, this was just my silly experiment. But here are my two thoughts. We often hear that machine translation is not good for creative translations. And this may be the answer to that. translators can already start using chi GPD to generate ideas in their own language, and use it as a productivity tool. Number two, I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing requests to translate prompts. At some point, you still probably want to have someone competent to look at the output unless you have the scale to ABC D test all the different outputs generated by GPT and let the numbers and users decide.

And that’s all I have for you for now. If you want to see more check GPD experiments related to our industry. Comment below this video. Thank you very much for watching, and see you in the next one. Bye

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