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Top 10 Translation Management Systems – Ranking By First Experience

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What are the best Translation Management Systems in localization? I’ve tried 13 different platforms and I’ll try to rank the Top 10 according to my first experience – which one stood out?

In this video, you’ll see my thought process behind the ranking of our favorite TMS tools. Everything is subjective, based on my own personal taste.

Andrej Zito 

In this new video series, I want to be sharing with you my first experience with all of the TMS tools that we have in our industry. I want to see what the different companies are offering on their website. How is the registration process? How is your first experience logging into the UI? How do you create a project? How do you create a job? How do you get files translated? And then finally, how do you get, and what is the quality of the files that you get after the translation?

Andrej Zito 

For the past eight months, together, we’ve experienced and tried 16 different TMS platforms that our industry has to offer. Welcome to the final video that’s going to wrap up the series. I’m going to try to put together my top 10 List of TMS platforms according to my first experience. This is Andrej, by the way. I’m still here with you guys. I’m just trying a new type of video that I’ve never tried before, sort of like a mash up using all the previous footage that I already had. I think it’s pretty suitable for this list of Top 10 TMS platforms. And in this very first video, we will look at Memsource.

Andrej Zito 

We kicked off the series with Memsource, but unfortunately, I won’t be including Memsource in this list, although it definitely is in the top 10 for me. The reason for that is that while I started the series with Memsource, it wasn’t actually my first experience with Memsource because I’ve been using them since before. I use Memsource in the Localization Academy to train my students. And because the first experience that I had with the TMS platforms is the main criteria for putting this list together, I’m going to exclude Memsource from this list.

Andrej Zito 

And with that being said, let’s start a countdown of the top 10 TMS according to my first experience. Okay, this looks very futuristic. Again, huge logo. Why do these guys like their logo so much? Please? It’s not here. Why is it not here? What the fuck? I’m so confused. And I hate this. Oh, no, I closed it again. Shit. The settings just looks, this looks so weird. Like, look like here I’m on the user details. This looks like how I would expect it to look. But when I go to settings, settings looks completely different. Why? I don’t know. And the thing with the MT, it’s driving me nuts. But anyway, at least I translated the, the German. Going back to the Tiermaker, I think I will put XTM Cloud next to SDL Language Cloud. They look good at first glance, there were just some few teeny tiny things. It looks very nice. I like the colors. So we have the nice typical hero image carousel. I don’t get it. What is going on? Before I go to the guide, am I stupid or what is going on? Hungarian? Oh, okay.

Andrej Zito 

Now you can see what I’m talking about, consistency. So far, we’ve seen the consistency pretty much everywhere. But the editor definitely looks different. The homepage looks pretty good. The interface for project managers I think looks pretty good. The only thing that really bothers me, it’s the editor. I’m not sure how many people are using the editor. It looks like the web editor was a thing of the past. We are boys and girls. Oh, oh. Oh, it’s moving. Stop my picture. Hey, this is now a UI. So lower your graphical expectation. See, here. The green is back. This green looks like the green from the homepage. This is how the form should look like previously. Like, the editor looks like, like this looks fucking good. This looks fucking good.

Andrej Zito 

My final comments are very nice homepage. Pretty clean. The animation was a bit weird. The editor or the crowdsourcing looks very very good. I think the only thing is that this thing for managers or project managers where you report where you upload files and download them, this is the worst part. This is super nice. This is super nice. Like for example, this controller. It looks super clunky. It looks clunky. Is it the right word? It looks as if a child who drew this, but it’s super great because it still sticks to this one. You know, like even here you see, I don’t know if this are supposed to be a man and a woman or like a girl or a boy, but it’s very, very playful. And I really like that style. Oh, wow.

Andrej Zito 

Well well, Gita. Andrej, should you and I have a video call to go through the features? Thank you. The UI is very simple. Which is good, I guess. Hmm. I wonder how it works if you have met so many different documents. Best software? Everybody’s best these days. It looks clean. I like this effect of typing. Who is it for? I was thinking of using it for my own thing, eventually. Choose what translate machine. Yes. Cost free. Yes. Like, speed, instant, quality, good draft, nice. It’s what this is it, I didn’t even get to see the ledger. Because I have online, what I really liked was the simplicity of everything. I think the UI can be good to be fine tuned a little bit. Otherwise, it was simple to do it. Very intuitive, like the tutorial like from the way you locked in. It’s like they knew what I wanted to do this green or teal or whatever color that is. And it’s just too much, like it doesn’t highlight anything. I think a little bit more care would make it really nice. So my first thought about this is, is this a good contrast?

Andrej Zito 

Oh, look, we have orange. Okay, loading. Oh, it looks nice. A little bit of technical hiccups roadblocks. They had to figure out. But otherwise, the platform looks promising. I would say, it looks good. The editor looks good. One thing that I was pointing out in previous reviews was that typically, there’s a big disconnect between the homepage and the UI, and sometimes between the UI and the editor. But for SDL Language Cloud, everything is consistent because they just use the green but they use it everywhere.

Andrej Zito 

Okay, whoo. Oh my god. Holy shit. I like this. This looks super good on the first glance. So clean. So modern. Strobe is in the draft. Whoa, whoa, whoa, suddenly, we have this yellow thing. I’m not sure if I like this green. I’m not sure if I like this. I mean, sir, I’m not sure if I like this yellow. It jumps out of this whole thing. And do we really need to highlight all the cells in the table? I really, really enjoy the consistency of the UI and the style. We’re on the homepage to the UI for managing projects to the online editor. Probably one of the best experiences, I would say the documentation was useful. Like I found my answers on like, what? So yeah, we’re all a big, big thumbs up to Phrase. Which company changed? No, I like the previous one. Okay, so this changes between what? Between me and my company profile. Okay, I like it. I like the animation. On the menu looks good at the first glance, everything is still purple. This thing is clean. We have a full width page. Opening the editor for the very first time. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what do we do? Oh oh, it scrolls into that. Not bad, not bad. The website super super good. Super clean. Good whitespace. Sign up was probably the easiest one. I just gave them the the email and then immediately I was into the in the UI creating my project. So yeah, overall, a very, very good experience. First thing is that I am a little bit overwhelmed by in the right side the images for different. Yeah, the right side is too noisy for me and this will show up later. I assume, it looks good at first glance. Translate. Ooh oh is this the online editor? Oh, like the layout here is definitely unique and in a good way I think. This one is like the main button then we have the ghost button. The everything like using what is greyed,what is white? Even this looks good. It’s like the saturated blue. This here looks good. Everything looks good. The only thing that bothers me in the UI is the fact that they cannot remove this this top bar. Even the copy pasting on its own was very very smooth. Yep, pretty much great experience.

Andrej Zito 

Oh, that’s nice website. First look is actually so good. I like it, I like. Oh my god the way you added new projects, it’s super nice. This is super nice, super intuitive. I mean, not intuitive, but super cool. Like this is what I imagine like a like a modern web app. Look, looks like translate more languages automatically? Yes. Oh, it even asks me. Oh my god yes, please translate now. Beautiful. Yeah, that’s it. I mean, I don’t have anything else to say about the UI. It looks super good. This looks good. This looks good. The progress bar looks good. This looks good as well. I think you can order by progress. That’s very nice. I think we, there was even a way to change the layout right? But that was here on this one. Yeah, this looks super nice. I mean, this is one of the if not the best, UIs. Oh my god. This is so good. Yeah, that’s it. I don’t have anything more to say.

Andrej Zito 

For the first time, we might have a video that will not go over one hour. This was, this was a very very pleasant experience for me. Very pleasant. Congratulations to the to the team!

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