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We Tested 5 Free AI Voice Generators – Speechify, Resemble, PlayHT, Descript, Dubpro

Are the current AI voice generators any good? Can they replace your voice? In this video, Andrej cloned his voice using Speechify, Resemble, PlayHT, and Descript’s Overdub. The results were mixed…

As a bonus, we also dubbed one of our videos using Dubpro. Spanish markets, here we go 😁

How good is AI voice cloning? Can you delegate your content creation to AI in this video I’ll show you the results I get from four different AI voice cloning services. And as a bonus, you’ll see how I dubbed one of my videos into Spanish using AI. So let’s get started with Vici 5k Try what’s gonna get free important my voice or school already speechify has revolutionized my productivity with its custom text to speech voices partnering with speechify allowed me to clone my own voice making it faster than ever to create new audio and video content. This sounds pretty okay ish but it’s not like me next one resemble AI create a basic voice I’m available Whoa. voice calling from three samples created rapid voice glue on Dre next I consent to having my voice cloned by resemble let’s generate content

we’ve just released rapid voice cloning for American English and resemble playground a place where we deploy our cutting edge AI models. What this means create up to 10 voice clones for free with just 10 seconds of audio instant results with text I think there are some very light resemblance of my voice but otherwise I think it sounds to to clean AI a voice cloning with unparalleled quality with play.ht you can clone your own voice and a new clone uploaded is 30 seconds of high quality

cloning complete use hello world.

How are you guys?

Wait, this one is not that bad. Hello World. This the Hello World. That sounds like something I would say. Okay, let’s try something longer unlock the power of AI translators with Chatzky T for for transcreation or marketing translation. In this detailed tutorial we’re showcasing how you can use chatbots for non bat three create your free voice model. Your download is starting. I need an app create new voice Andre confirm

this thing I hereby verified Am I putting the finishing touches your voice no training will email you when it’s done. So 21 hours later new projects. Xu Adi only offered up tests start writing dedication systems be currently is Andre.

Is he going to work compared to gibberish for words outside your 1000 vocabulary limit? Oh my gosh, the education system jebur More than dollar sign one seven chapter 0000000000 cheaper the size of student debt in the US alone, millions of young people start their adult life with a job or to pay off their loans. Is this your best way to integrate the youth into cheaper and even if you’re not from the US, there’s another problem with the Jabra education system. It’s slow, rigid, and not very practical. It sounds like me, that’s for sure. But it doesn’t have that. I don’t know how you call it in English. That variety or the way how you use tone how you slow things down. A change is very flat. And I guess that is the summary for the video. We tried many different platforms. None of them sound as good as the script, that’s for sure. But even the script one I don’t think I would use for anything because I can just record myself and sound really like an actual human so it still doesn’t have the nice human touch that you can normally get with but actually know people who talk like robots anyway. So maybe for those people it can save them some time. But I guess in my case, I would really prefer to record myself that’s it. I can subscribe see you next one up proto AI that video from your YouTube channel. Ding ding ding Tintin SDK video original language English target language so let’s try to do it into Spanish email me the video and muted weightless the video whereas on it you will receive an email in a while I want to see how they adopt the video.

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