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Before starting any project, you need to know the scope of the translation first, and this is where analysis comes in. Find out what analysis is, how it works, how it is related to TM matches, and why it plays a vital role in each of your projects.

What is analysis? Analysis is very simple. You take all the files in the project that you got from the client and you use the TM that you’re using for this client. And then you run the files through the TM by a process, which is called analysis. 

The purpose of analysis is for us to determine the word count breakdown of all these files, which in the end will be a very simple report, which tells us how many 100% matches there are, how many 95 to 99% matches there are, and so on. Then we have different categories until we have zero to 49% matches, aka, no matches – and we might also have some repetitions. This is the output of the analysis, it’s either called analysis, or word count log. It’s basically word count breakdown. 

The difference is that before we did the process of analysis, we could have known that maybe all these files have 10,000 words, but this doesn’t indicate to us how long will be the real effort by leveraging the TM. That’s why we do the process of analysis to get the word count log. And then those 10,000 words could be broken into, let’s say, 3000 100% matches, 5000 no matches, two thousand repetitions. That’s the process of analysis.

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