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Business Development Management (BDM)

A Business Development Manager is what every business needs. Watch the video and discover how important these are in the localization industry

What’s up everyone? Guess what, this is Andrej from localization Academy. This is localization basics. In this one we’re going to have a closer look at WTF is a BDM.

BDM stands for business development manager. So what do business development managers do? They develop the new business. So basically, in a way, there are the good old salespeople, right?

So imagine that we have our LSP. And our LSP is already working with three clients. But the company, the LSP, doesn’t want to stick to three clients forever, right? They want to grow, they want to make more money, hire more people and be better and serve the world because they think they are the best to do the localization services for everyone.

So what they do is they hire someone called BDM, Business Development Manager to develop the business. So the BDM people, they go to conferences, and they shake their hands and exchange the business cards. And then they go on LinkedIn, and they connect with other people, and they are annoying, or they send you like cold emails, or to pick up the phone. This is the worst thing. They like phone you right away. And they’re like, “Hey, do you want localization?” and I’m like, “no”. So through all these different contexts, try to make establish a relationship with potential customers. So we have somewhere here, customer four and customer five, and they’re like talking together and they’re going for dinners. They pay a lot of money just to make sure they build trust with his potential customers. And maybe maybe eventually, if the stars align, customer four will say, Okay, we’ll give you a chance. Let’s start working together. So the LSP will find a new client.

And that is basically the role of a business development manager to find new customers, new clients for LSP or maybe even develop a business with the existing customers and sell them new services and grow their accounts. That’s it BDM.

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