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Multi-Language Vendor (MLV)

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What’s the difference between a multi-language vendor (MLV) and a single-language vendor (SLV)?

In a previous episode, I explained to you what is LSP. So MLV or SLV are two different let’s say types of LSPs.

MLV stands for “multi-language vendor”. So it means it’s a vendor that provides localization or language services into multiple different languages. Okay, very simple. SLV, on the other hand, only focuses on one language, let’s say Italian. And that’s their primary focus, and that’s what they want to be doing.

Now, typically, the MLVs tend to be larger, and they also need to have a more, bigger vendor management team and someone to take care of the quality for all the multiple different languages that they take care of. While the SLV only decided to focus on one language and be maybe the best for that language on the market or a particular niche or industry. Simple as that.

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